Stand out with improved ROI for your urgent care billing with the Sunknowledge approach

Financial problems are common issues in urgent care services. Despite urgent care being a lucrative business due to its rising demand for short wait times and faster treatment solutions, there are many urgent care providers who are seen still struggling today. This is mainly because despite such demand, at times it becomes difficult for urgent care centers, and urgent care clinics to navigate the financial landscape and stay profitable if they do not have the right operation expert by their side. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help all the urgent care centers and clinics to not only experience a seamless urgent care billing transaction but also improved revenue generation as well.

Sunknowledge – a powerful solution improving urgent care billing:

Taking care of your complex urgent care billing complication like – submitting complex documentation, complicated claims management process, follow up with accounts receivable ; Sunknowledge does it all and more. Working and delivering more than 15+ of excellent tailored customized solution to many leading urgent care centers and clinics, Sunknowledge today have a huge list of not only excellent references across the US but also names in the industry for its highest productivity metrics as well.

Understanding the complex nature of urgent care billing, its UB – 04 Form, continuous changing codes and all, Sunknowledge is constantly updated and informed ensuring a better billing transaction. Securing correct identification and information for undocumented patients and completing all the incomplete data entry, the experts with the right checks and balances further ensure an improved accuracy rate of 99.9%. In fact, Sunknowledge further help clinics and centers resolving aging AR as old as three year and improve their collections rate in no time.

Reducing your chance of errors and also denial and rejection of claims, the team also reduces your stress of rework as well. Taking care of your complex urgent care billing with all the rising patient volume, Sunknowledge charge only $7 per hour for providing complete RCM services.

Mitigating the risk of losing out money on the table, the dedicated resources additionally ensure no write-offs without clients consent.

So if you are facing trouble in managing your urgent care billing or suffering losses despite having large patient volume and really looking to get your revenue cycles back on track following this past tumultuous year then get in touch with the Sunknowledge expert now.