Specification for UK Motorbike Number Plates You Must Know

Bikes registered before January 1st, 1973 show nostalgic ’black and white’ plates. The text can be white, grey, or silver. The UK Government has laid down various specifications for bikers to adhere while using the number plates on their motorbikes. These rules have their own significance, whether it’s about the size, color, or even the thickness. Bikers must follow them for their personal safety on roads. Else, get ready to pay £1,000 towards the fine.

The motorbikes registered on or after September 1st, 2001, must display the motorcycle registration plates on the back of the motorcycle. However, those riding an old model may or may not show the number plate at the front. You must have noticed while traveling on UK roads that some bikes sport black and silver number plates across the front wheel, while few do not carry the plate at the front.

Apart from this, you may have observed that private number plates vary in terms of size. Bikers have been given specific rules that administer the size of number plates. Using a small or tiny number of plates is a breach of law. Tiny numbers will not be visible from a distance.

Let’s know the specifications:

Law regarding number plate in the UK:

You can spread the text on three lines depending upon your preference (not mandatory) provided your registration is prior to September 1st, 2001. You cannot display the number in a single line.

Those bikers, who have got their registration is done after or on September 1st, 2001, can display their number plates at the rear of the motorbike. However, those having older models may show their registration at the front (optional).

Size of a motorcycle number plate:

Though there is absence of any specific rules regarding the plate size yet the standard size of the number plate must be nine inches by seven inches. You are required to adhere to the specification laid down for the size of numbers. Since 2001, it has been made mandatory for all the characters on the number plate of your bike must be 64mm in height with a width of 44mm. There is an exception in terms of number 1 and letter I.

Apart from the height and width, there are rules regarding what should be the distance between letters and also on the thickness of letters. As per norms, the stroke and the spacing must measure 10 mm. The gap that separates the age identifier numerals and the randomly selected letters must measure 30mm, and the distance between the two text lines at bottom and top is required to be 13 mm. Finally, it is mandatory to leave 11 mm space between the edge of a number plate and the characters it displays.

Colors and characters of motorcycle plates:

The two alphabetic characters on a number plate refer to the region where your bike was initially registered. These are followed by an age indicator initiated by taking the last two digits of the year the motorcycle was logged in, or by adding 50 to this number if it was issued in the second half of the period.

The last three letters on a bike plate are random. The rear number plates used on motorbikes must be painted in black characters on a yellow plate crafted from reflective material.

You may select these characters yourself while purchasing a brand new bike and apply them to reflect their brand of bike or even their own initials. These must adhere to the specified law. The registration number must be stretched over two separate lines and be presented on a square number plate.

However, you need not worry about these plans to hire a professional or a company assisting what should the personalized number plate looks like or what are the pre-requisites laid down in the rules and regulations that you must follow while fixing them on your bikes. These professionals would ensure your motorcycle number plate meets the required conditions and matches all relevant criteria, helping you to avoid paying fines or failing your annual MOT test.

Every law-abiding citizen must follow the rules and regulations. Besides, the specifications laid down by the UK government for motorbike private number plates are secure and have a practical application. You can always hire professional people for assistance.

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