Sony claims PS5 is 100 times faster than PS4

It may sound hard to believe, however Sony has stated the PS5 is 100 times faster than PS4 because of the console’s custom-made SSD hard disk drive.

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When asked about the PlayStation 5’s speed compared to its current-gen console at a business strategy meeting, Sony made the bullish claim that PS5 will “change the game experience for users” in an official Sony document.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida included that the PS5’s customized SSD (which is faster than the SSD in the Xbox Series X) will make it possible for processing speeds that overshadow those discovered on PlayStation 4.

” In order to even more enhance the sense of immersion in video games, we anticipate to enhance not simply the resolution, however the speed of video games,” the Sony file reads.

” For instance, through a custom-made high-speed SSD, we prepare to understand game information processing speeds that are around 100 times faster than PS4. Video game load times should be much shorter, and players should have the ability to move through enormous game worlds in nearly an immediate.”

It is essential to note the word “needs to” is used a couple of times, however there’s no rejecting that the PS5’s solid state drive is blazing fast, and substantially more capable than the PS4’s aging mechanical hard disk.

Sony has actually been championing its SSD innovation for a while now, and initially showed off what its next-generation hardware can in a Spider-Man PS4 comparison demonstration which showed off how the entire world could be streamed immediately, and without slowing down. The SSD should likewise remove load times, which have actually become a concern as game worlds have actually continued to increase.

It appears that the PS5’s SSD is decreasing well with designers, too, as Impressive Games just recently expressed its gratitude for the new storage system, and displayed a brief demo of what players can expect to see from Sony’s next-gen system.

If you were to be cynical, it’s easy to see why Sony is pushing its SSD tech so hard. On paper, the PS5 comes out with only one win when compared to the Xbox Series X, which’s the hard drive speeds. All over else, though, from the power to the GPU and the CPU clock speed, Xbox Series X takes the win.

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