Some tips to help you buy cotton knitted blankets

Planning to buy a blanket, but not sure which one?

Many people face this dilemma and that’s because there is a huge variety of blankets available in the marketplace in brick and mortar stores and also online. Experts however say that if you are looking for quality and design at a reasonable price then you must buy cotton knitted blankets.

They say like this because when it comes to ease of use, cotton knitted blankets are the top choice. They are rugged, easy to handle and available in a variety of colors. These colors can be bright, sober or mixed, depending upon the market trend.

One thing that is for sure is that all cotton knitted blankets are color-fast. Secondly, they are not very expensive and so can be afforded by everyone. Another reason for their popularity is that that they are lightweight and airy and so very comfortable to use during summer months.

If you are thinking to buy Cotton Knitted Blanket, then below are some tips that you would find useful.

What type of cotton yarn has been used in the production?
Check out the type of cotton yarn used to make the cotton knitted blanket since it plays an important role in its quality. Different types of cotton that are used are as follows:

Combed Yarn
This is a high quality yarn made from a longer, finer fiber. It is used to make soft cotton knit blankets. Due to it’s long fiber it is strong as compared to most types of cotton yarn. One big disadvantage is it’s price which makes it expensive. As a result knitted blankets made from combed yarn, turn out to be more expensive, than blankets made from other types of cotton.

Carded Yarn
Although all impurities are removed from this type of cotton in the carding refinement process, it still turns out to be low in strength. Therefore knitted blankets made from it are low in quality.

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides, insecticides or chemicals. Therefore it’s production has no negative impact on the environment at all. Knitted blankets made from organic cotton are considered the best in the world. They are particularly suited to those people who have allergies, sensitive skin and irritations. Mills use organic cotton yarn to manufacture soft, pure, and durable blankets.

Blanket size

Commonly sold blanket sizes in the US are as follows:

King size: 108 x 90 to 100″
Queen size: 90 x 90 to 100″
Double size: 80 x 90″
Twin size: 66 x 90″
Crib size: 45 x 60″

Before you buy cotton knitted blanket check out the size of your mattress and also make a determination whether you want to tuck your blanket on the sides of your mattress, or want to cover your pillows with it, or want to make it hang down to your floor.

In all these three options, you will have to choose a blanket size that is bigger than your mattress.

What level of care and maintenance is required?

Read the care and maintenance instructions carefully.

When washing the blanket always use hot water, but when drying check carefully whether you need to tumble dry with low heat or air-dry without any heat. This is to ensure that there is minimal shrinkage in the blanket and cotton fibres are not damaged.

Also, since cotton knit blankets snag easily, it is a good idea to avoid contact with rough skin, long nails, buttons, or sharp jewelry. Any sort of accidental brushing can pull a thread from the blanket.

By following the above tips to buy cotton knitted blankets, you can pick some very good bargains while shopping online or in the supermarket.

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