Some Tips For Preparing Your Guest Room For Holiday Visitors

Holidays are round the corner and you can expect an influx of friends and relatives at your home. Whether they are staying for a few days or longer, it is a good idea to follow some essentials to make your guests feel at home.

Use custom embroidered sheets

As a gracious host you have to use the best sheets on the bed on which your guests would sleep. It would be impolite to offer sheets that are used, or pilled and have small balls of fluff on their surface.
A premium quality custom embroidered sheet, made from tightly woven long staple fine cotton and with a soft finish is usually recommended.
Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton (300 TC organic cotton sateen), the sheets are made from eco-friendly non-toxic dyes. Each custom embroidered sheet features subtle motifs found in different cultures of the world in soft colors that will make your room look opulent, yet serene.

The motifs for the Custom Embroidered Sheets are well chosen and comprise:

– Kutahya ceramic work
– Blend of traditional Iznik motifs and soft green tones of the Nile river
– Traditional Ottoman floral motifs
– Intricate floral themes embroidered in soft colors
– Tulip flower embroidered in subtle colors
– Angular designs in contemporary themes
– Traditional motifs set in lace

Upgrade from a regular duvet cover and flat pillow to a down comforter and pillow

Down material has been found to be the best insulator. Compared to artificial fibers, regular down is light and traps more heat than other materials.
If you are still using conventional duvets, comforters and pillows, then it is time to upgrade to regular down. Regular down is sourced from mature geese and has a very fine construction. Secondly, since it comes in a variety of weights and fills, you have plenty of options to choose from.
By using down pillows and comforters, you will be able to upgrade the luxury quotient of your guest room. Your guests will love the warmth and comfort of a down comforter after a day spent travelling.

Add a warm throw and an extra blanket

Some of your guests might have a fondness for reading. For such occasions, it is a good idea to have a warm throw and an extra blanket put on the chair or at the end of your bed for extra warmth.

Keep your bedside table fully-stocked

Your guest would be delighted to find these little joys in the room:

– A carafe and glass set full of pure drinking water.
– Moisturizer or hand cream to protect the skin in the dry, harsh winter.
– A phone charger, just in case your guests have left behind theirs.
– A note containing the Wi-Fi password and the planned itinerary for shopping and sight-seeing during the week.
– A fragrance candle to help guests relax after a long and tiring day.
– A nice looking alarm clock.

Put bathroom essentials in the bathroom

Make your bathroom look like a spa with the following essentials:

– Stock your bathroom with a set of dedicated towels.
– Offer your guests an average size unisex bathrobe.
– Keep popular brands of shampoos, conditioners and body-wash ready and available.

Add a personal touch

Surprise your guests with some personalization through:

– A pair of fuzzy sock or slippers
– Lavender pillow inserts that help people get-off jet lag.
– A wireless speaker for listening to music or podcasts.


With these little gestures mentioned above, you can offer a well-stocked and furnished guest room to your friends and relatives and make their stay comfortable. Your guests will appreciate your warmth and your friendliness.

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