Some Important things to know about Car Tyres

When you buy a car, you have to be familiar with the most important parts of your vehicle to keep it in a good condition.

As you must know, Dunlop Tyres Nuneaton is the most important part of your car, we will talk about the importance of the maintenance of your tyres.

To maintain your tyres, you have to know a lot of things about them.

This blog is about the most important factors that you must consider while making a maintenance plan.

So, let us start!


 You must have observed different patterns that are designed in your tyres. These designs are called tyre treads and are extremely important for the safety and performance of your tyres.

In the absence of these designs and patterns of blocks and grooves, it is almost impossible for your tyres to move efficiently on the roads.

Traction and grip are two important factors in smooth driving and proper handling of the vehicle. Your tyres have the tread design to ensure proper grip and traction on the surface.

New tyres have optimum tread depth but over time, the tyre experience significant wear and tear due to different reasons.

Improper alignment and bad wheel balancing are enough to cause tread wear. Improper air pressure in the tyres also increases the chances of tread wear.

Moreover, tread wear takes place due to several climatic factors like heat and temperature.

Friction is a common and most obvious reason for tread wear.

Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the tread wear.

Don’t let your tyre tread go below 1.6mm since it is the legal limit in the UK.

Air pressure in your tyres:

This is just amazing that air is not a part of tyres but has an important role to play in the performance of your tyres.

Air pressure in the tyres carry the weight of the vehicle and keep the tyres in perfect shape.

Experts say that you must keep the recommended level of air pressure to be stable because the fluctuation of air pressure is highly responsible for damaging your tyres.

Due to an under-inflated tyre, the area of contact increases in the tyre, increasing the chance of more hear generation and tread wear.

Due to excessive heat, a blowout is also possible with the threat of damage to the internal structure of the tyre.

On the other hand, over-inflation in the tyres deforms the shape of the tyre and cause tread wear in the middle area.

Driving the car generally increases the air pressure in the tyres. If the air pressure is already high, the tyre may experience a violent blowout due to increased heat and air pressure.

Speed limit and loading capacity:

To keep your tyres fit and fine, you have to make sure that you do drive your car at higher than the optimum speed limit.

Driving the car at high speeds is one of the culprits to damage your tyres.

Similarly, loading the vehicle excessively also damages your tyres due to extra pressure on the tyres. Moreover, extra-weight means larger friction and rolling resistance. It means your tyres are going to damage soon.

When do you need new tyres?

It is nice if you maintain your tyres efficiently but ageing and other factors work constantly to kill your tyres gradually.

So, you cannot stop the process of wear and tear completely.

Therefore, whenever you feel your tyres are totally damaged, go for new Tyres Nuneaton since using bald and damaged tyres is not a wise decision.

Do not put yourself at risk and buy a new set of tyres to enjoy the benefits of updated technology.

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