Sock It to Em: Extra Large Men’s Socks

In the foot game, you hear a lot about shoes. Uppers, colorways, toe caps, tongues. You hear about leather, about breathability, about velcro, about neoprene. You hear about soles, about shanks, about sneakers about sandals. You learn more about boots than you thought was possible to learn about boots. Each and every one—XL Feet products heartily included—is a marvel of modern engineering, so it makes sense that you’d hear a lot about them. The foot game is filled with boot evangelists, that earnest type of person who shakes your hand with two of his.

But rarely do you hear about socks. Specifically, Extra Large Men’s Socks .

Now, it’s hard enough, as a member of the BigFoot community, to source adequate shoes from outlets. These trips often descend into disappointment—a resigned, get-to-the-facts style of shopping. But, geez, is it ever harder to find socks.

That’s where XL Feet comes in. We have one of the largest collections of Extra Large Men’s Socks in the country. From wool to tube to quarter to crew, XL Feet has your sock needs covered. We at XL Feet consider the sock your foot’s first line of defense against the elements, a swaddling cloth for your sole.

Check out our Extra Wide Athletic Quarter Socks! They stretch to EEEEEE wide, without compressing your ankle. Whether you happen to have extra wide feet, or suffer from edema or diabetes, these socks are the answer to your issue. This is a non-binding sock for men who are tired of being uncomfortable, their feet squeezed into tight socks. The soft cotton tubing of these quarter socks hugs your ankle like a dream.

Also popular is our Extra Wide Athletic Crew Socks, which stretch to 6E wide. These comfort fit socks are great for wide feet, swollen legs, and accommodating edema and other circulatory issues. They come in mid-calf length.

Finally, our Extra Wide Diabetic Medical Crew Socks are essential for those of us with swelling round the feet, ankles, or calfs. This non-binding medical sock is built for comfort. These socks stretch very wide, and contain Microban, for antimicrobial protection.

Though there were already companies offering bigfoot and wide width slippers online, when Adrian Coulter decided to liquidate his retirement account and begin XL Feet, he had a vision—to become the best company of them all by offering the best range of products, with the best attendant expertise, and the deepest understanding of the underserved bigfoot and wide width communities. That includes a great range of Extra Large Men’s Socks.

h XL Feet began with shoes and work boots, selling quality products from companies such as New Balance, Dunham, Drew Shoe, Keen Floor Shine, Serrel, and Carolina and Avenger, but we know our customer, and our customer needs socks, as well as quality footwear. Our first priority is large sizes and wide widths, so that you don’t get left sockless in your shoes. We’re your source for big socks, plus-size socks, wide width socks, and all your footwear needs!

Now that you’ve heard about some of our Extra Large Men’s Socks, take a look at the rest of our selection. You’ll recognize, in our products, a commitment to high-caliber footwear and accessories. At XL Feet, we take pride in being the best provider of quality footwear to the wide width, and bigfoot, communities. Since 2009, we’ve been serving our bigfooted brethren from our brick and mortar in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our expert staff has more experience in the world of wide width than any competing retailer. In addition to socks, we sell work boots, slippers, running shoes, sandals, slides, and assorted accessories.

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