SMAX Has The Best E-Liquids For Sale

There are seemingly limitless E-liquid brands on the market, which can make it hard to find which brands are actually worth filling your tank with. Here at SMAX, we are dedicated to offering the Best E-Liquid For Sale. If you want the highest quality max VG formula e-liquids, you won’t find better flavors than the amazing line we offer at SMAX. We spent months creating these amazing flavors, and our customers have been loving them for years.

We call the collection of premium e-liquids we offer the SMAX Bible. This may seem like a lofty title, but we think it accurately reflects our belief in our products. We spent months developing our line of 6 delicious flavors. We knew we wanted to create a quality e-liquid line without having to constantly revisit our line or release new flavors. In order to make sure every flavor was a winner from the beginning, we spent months mixing, testing, remixing, and retesting our flavors until we were certain that our collection would offer a perfect flavor for any user. The SMAX Bible contains 3 fruity options and 3 delicious dessert options to perfectly suit any palate. These flavors include:

Good Vibes – A delicious combination of pineapple, passion fruit, and other exotic fruit flavors will mentally transport you to a tropical paradise.

Lick It – Our delicious take on a southern classic, Lick It imitates the amazing flavor of juicy peaches and freshly whipped cream.

Pony On Acid – We sat down trying to make a pink starburst flavor, but after toying around with multiple berry and fruit flavors we accidentally created our best selling flavor. Pony On Acid is an amazing fruit mash up topped with a sweet strawberry glaze.

Mafia Princess – Picture layers of delicious Italian cake layered with fresh whipped cream and drenched in rich espresso. Now imagine all of those flavors in vapor form and you have Mafia Princess, a delicious take on coffee and dessert.

She’s A Dime – We captured the flavor of sweet lime cake pops dipped in creamy lemon sauce.

Sammie Puffs – With the flavors of graham crackers, chocolate kisses, and marshmallow, Sammie Puffs is our take on a campfire classic.

You can try all of these amazing flavor profiles by purchasing the entire SMAX Bible as a bundle. If you prefer fruit or dessert flavors, we offer bundle packs for each of those sets of 3 flavors. No matter what flavors you choose, you are sure to enjoy the amazing clouds you pull off these max VG e-liquids.

For those vapers who aren’t familiar with max VG formulas, these are e-liquids that contain 90% or more vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a thick, naturally sweet, plant-based e-liquid diluent. Unlike propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin does not irritate the throat and its vapor is much less likely to produce irritation to the skin and eyes. Unfortunately, many users can develop allergies to PG suddenly, making vaping most e-liquids extremely uncomfortable. VG is a common ingredient in food, soaps, and other common products.

VG in its raw form is a thick sweet liquid derived from fatty plant materials. It vapes at lower temperatures than PG and produces a smooth thick vapor. If you use a sub-ohm cloud setup or just love incredibly thick clouds, you can’t beat the vapor produced by our e-liquids.

So if you are looking for the best e-liquids for sale online, check out SMAX. Our amazing flavors are second to none and we know that you’re sure to find your new all day vape when you taste our delicious flavors.

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