Skin Diseases – Basic Principles of General Therapy

The medical treatment of patients with the diseases of skin have nowadays a great variety of methods to use. And in this article we wee the main aspects of iv vitamin therapy long island, applied for the medical treatment of patients with the diseases of skin.

So, during the medical treatment of skin illnesses it is possible to select the following methods:

1. Influence (effect) on the nervous system

So, for example, for the therapy of the patients with dermatitis (eczema, neyrodermit, red flat lichen and so on.), the successful use has the treatment by the hypnotic sleep and also by electro-sleep in combination with hypnosis. Day after day the method of hypnosis became more and more popular. And many people has felt the result because of that method.

In the medical cure of many dermatitises it is very important the usage of psychotherapy (suggestive psychotherapy by word), which is used in the complex medical treatment of skin of the most patients. This mean, that when a person (patient) believe that he (she) is in good health – then he (she) really became healthy. Interesting, is it?

2. Use of medical preparations

Nowadays there is a great variety of medical preparations from skin deceases that have different influence on such illnesses. That is why this is a separate theme for discussion and I tell about it later. Now I only may say that every doctor can tell a long history and you may consult your specialist according to your diagnosis.

3. Desensitizing therapy (it’s mean that the allergy effect appears and we have to face with it)

Dermatologists more frequent, than other doctors, meet with the allergic displays (demonstrations) on skin. For this reason different desensitizing tools are used in dermatology for medical cure. Such process has two stages.

1) The first task is to see the allergen (the irritant, which causes and allergy) and to recognize (select) it.

2) And only after that discovering we can apply different methods and measures for removal of allergen or diminution of its influence on patient.

So, by revealing and removal of allergen, the skin of the patient will be beautiful!

4. Therapy by vitamins of the skin illnesses

Sometimes the appearance of some illnesses of skin is conditioned by three factors:

1) the deficit of vitamins (beriberi);

2) the plenty of vitamins (hypovitaminosis);

3) the combination of the two factors talked above

In such cases therapy by vitamins of the skin diseases renders the specific effect on the skin illness and on that disease’ demonstration and development. If the patient has beriberi – it is good to introduce a variety of day ration in order to improve the entrance of vitamins into organism. In other cases the patient have to take vitamins in tabs. If the patient has hypovitaminosis – so the answer is the same – change the day ration in order to organize incoming vitamins.

5. Hormonal therapy

The essence of hormonal therapy – is the usage (introduction) of hormones, which influence on the course of the illness. Every day this therapy becomes more and more popular.

6. Therapy by antibiotics

Hundreds of antibiotics have been discovered. And now they are used in practice. Every day a group of antibiotics for the medical treatment of skin illnesses becomes more wider and more popular. And only after consultations with the specialist you have to take any antibiotic.

7. Chemotherapy

This group sometimes has the negative impact on other systems of human organism. And because of that, also because of the popularity of the therapy by antibiotics, the chemotherapy becomes less popular day after day

So those were the main methods of therapy of the skin diseases:

1) influence (effect) on the nervous system;
2) usage of medical preparations;
3) desensitizing therapy;
4) therapy by vitamins;
5) hormonal therapy;
6) therapy by antibiotics and
7) chemotherapy.

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