Settle all Your Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Problems with Sunknowledge Guidance

Problem and errors in your skilled nursing facility (SNF) billing can slow down your cash flow, result in denied claims and delayed reimbursement resulting in financial difficulties for your healthcare practice.

however, all these problems can be easily avoided and you can experience a better practice management, if you have the perfect billing team by your side. who not only assists you with tailored customized billing solution but also help you minimizing all the billing errors and improveing your ROI like Sunknowledge Services Inc can who can aid you with the billing requirement you want. 

Sunknowledge Services Inc caters to all your SNF billing requirement:

  • Identifying incorrect patient information and documentation problems in SNF– Every insurance provider requires correct documentation to pay the claims but even a minor error in your documentation can take a toll in claims if not managed properly like rejection and denial claims. This is why following stringent checks, we ensure lesser chances of errors related to documentation for your SNF. With direct doctor office follow-up, our experts not only verified information but also confirm it; avoiding mistakes that delaying your payment. In fact, taking care of all the information such as the patient’s date of birth or the date of an injury etc, our experts help you reduce the denial rate you suffer from the insurance company.
  • Ensure proper coding – one of the most common problems in SNF is that healthcare practice is struggling with is improper coding. In fact, there are numerous coding mistake that happens in skilled nursing facility (SNF) billing like:
  • Outdated codes and missing codes
  • Upbilling and underbilling/undercoding
  • Mismatch codes
  • Billing of CPT codes that are not in your insurance carrier’s contract
  • This is why our experts are regularly updated to reflect the most recent coding requirements; reducing coding errors.
  • Avoid duplicate billing – when a double billing is done it indicates duplicate billing and also double charges to the patient. This is why our experts flag all the duplicates billing and avoid errors and delays in claims. 

  • Proper claims management – claims management requires proper management and starting from timely claims submission, our experts take care of all.

Ensuring proper SNF billing requires expert process knowledge and complete update of present billing regulation which our experts excels in. Ensuring a seamless billing operation with 97% highest collection rate from the 1st month itself, we take care of all your aging bucket as old as three years.

So, what are you waiting for leverage our service and experience a cleaner claims and 80% operational cost reduction by partnering with us. So call us and get your skilled nursing facility billing on track.

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