SSCA (SIP School Certified Associate): Benefits and Job Opportunities

The certification as a “SIP School Certified Associate” (SSCA) shows the world that both understand the protocol “SIP” and can work in the ever-evolving world of Voice over IP.

SSCA is today the world’s most famous single certification for SIP. We want to help you get a certification.

The SSCA supported by many organizations and companies in the industry, and the Telecommunications Association officially endorses the SSCA and the SIP training course associated with this comment:

“The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), a leader in defense, standards development, business growth, and intelligence for the info and communications technology industry, has officially recognized The SSCA School as a Selected Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) training and certification provider ).”

How does SSCA certification help professionals?

For many IT professionals involved in communications, it is essential to know if SSCA certification is useful or not. In fact, it has received a lot of attention from experts in network technologies.

The logon protocol is today the essential protocol in voice and combined communications since it can be found in telephones, PBX systems, and gateways, as well as in the relocation of old digital and analog lines with SIP trunks.

Benefits of SSCA certification

The SSCA is the highest neutral provider certification for network professionals, known worldwide, and now chosen by employers.

Today, network engineers certified as SSCA for a better career in the market. It has several professional advantages that range from independent work at your own pace to full-time employment in any organization. The engineers satisfied with the status of a certified expert for SIP.

Accreditation can help the employee in a variety of ways, including job forecasts, high-profile promotions in the telecommunications category and self-confidence. The certification allows you to adapt in the course of the SIP. When hired, 68 percent of IT directors respect these certifications as a medium to high priority, as stated by the provider’s largest neutral certification organization, CompTIA A+.

Job opportunities for SSCA certification

Telecommunications engineers are in high demand in the world market. Also, the company distinguishes itself from the special SIP certification among the non-certified colleagues. Many organizations that can accommodate these professionals. Some of the companies are Avaya, Cisco, Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitel, AudioCodes, British Telecom and others.

The calculation of the employee’s SIP School certified salary varies from company to company. According to Paysa, the SSCA expert in the US earns an average of $ 69,688 a year. It can vary depending on the experience.

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