Simplifying your HME billing operation

For many practices, it often gets harder to maintain a certain profit margin when the stakes are high and risky. With evolving regulations, technology, new codes, mounting costs, inappropriate resources, managing a seamless HME billing process can be quite challenging.

Strategies for seamless HME billing operation:

Choose the right resources – choosing experienced billers and certified coders is always helpful. As with the right resources, it not only lessens your error rate but also saves your time and money. Being efficient and highly proficient with the regulation mandates, software skills, the right resources further helps you with improving your billing operation and ROI at the same time.

However, today finding the perfect resources can be quite exigent.

Keep your cash flow constant – ensuring attention and the productivity metrics, the primary work is to maintain a constant cash flow.

Reporting is important – keeping a complete record of claims processing to all the eligibility issues your practices has encountered everything needs to be recorded. A report not only gives you a clear picture of your practice’s strength and shortcoming but help you work on improving it at the same time.

Streamline your front end work – the majority of errors in HME billing occurs due to inapt front-end activity.

Sunknowledge – a powerful HME billing solution: 

Providing a compressive HME customized billing services at a cost-effective rate, Sunknowledge Services Inc helps you with a better RCM. With the highest productivity metrics, correct documentation to the highest level of accuracy and specificity, our experts leave no cash lying on the table.

Taking care of all your old AR, underpaid claims, coding errors, Sunknowledge with its pool of highly trained billing professionals further assure :

  • Minimizing denials,
  • maximizing revenue,
  • accelerating cash flow
  • reduces your operational cost

Removing the burden of complex billing operations, with us you get more time to devote to your patients.