Simplify Your Next Trip with a Portable RV Waste Tank

With summer finally here and fall not far behind, it is officially vacation season. Whether you’re about to set off on a summer vacation to enjoy the warm weather or you’re in the planning phase for an autumnal camping trip, you need to be sure about exactly what utilities your camping grounds will have. If your campsite lacks a sewer connection and you plan on staying for a while, it’s time to consider buying a Portable RV Waste Tank to keep emptying your black and grey tanks simple.

While having a dedicated sewer line hookup at your campsite is a fantastic luxury, especially for longer stays, it’s not always available. Sometimes the perfect campsite for your next trip is going to lack this amenity. When no sewer hookup is available, you will need to take your RV to a specified dumpsite to empty your waste tanks. While this might not seem like the worst fate, it does mean you will have to break down your campsite and unhook your RV in order to dump your tanks.

If you want to avoid having to move and empty your RV on your next trip, it’s time to get a portable RV waste tank. These plastic external tote tanks are designed to help you move your waste to the campground’s dumpsite without having to unhook your other utilities and move your vehicle. Perfect for emptying both your grey and your black tanks, these portable holding tanks will make your long camping trip go smoothly.

To use your tank, you simply need to hook up your sewer hose to the portable tank and open your main RV tank valve. For your black tank, make sure that enough liquid is in the tank to allow the contents to flow out smoothly. This should allow all of the tank’s contents to easily flow into your storage tank. Once your storage tank is full, you can tote it over to the dumpsite and drain its contents.

To simplify moving your tank, many models include a tow bracket. This means you can easily attach your portable tank to the towing hitch of your vehicle if you have an available car or truck. When towing your portable tank, you need to drive at a basic walking speed. The small wheels on the tank will not handle high speeds. If you want to get there a little faster, you can place the portable tank inside of your vehicle, though this is probably best done with a pickup truck. Be wary of weight though, a full portable tank can weigh in excess of 200 pounds.

Another consideration when choosing a tank for your RV is the size. It’s crucial that your portable tank matches or exceeds the capacity of your RV tanks. If your RV tank is larger than your portable, you will end up having to disconnect a full hose from a full tank and you will not be happy with the result. For larger tanks, you will also want to consider how many wheels your tank has. Larger tanks should have 4 wheels for use of transport, while a smaller tank should be fine just having 2 wheels.

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