Shower Screen VS Shower Curtains

Shower screens have been in use in our bathrooms for the longest time. They provided the practicality of preventing splashes that would otherwise flood your bathroom as you take your shower. The splashes of colour also provided a way of displaying your personality in all its splendour to an otherwise bland bathroom. Shower screens are a modern, more efficient option for use in the bathroom today. They have become very popular among hotels, B&Bs and other boarding houses. Here is a comparison of shower screens vs shower curtains.

Reasons to use Shower Screens.


Shower curtains are more laidback and casual. Glass shower screens feel elegant and classier. They will last invariably longer than curtains and look infinitely more refined. With various types of glass available, including frosted and clear options, framed and frameless, as well as different styles which can curve, fold or slide depending on the shape of your bathroom, the range of shower screens on the market, is diverse enough to suit your needs.


If you have a small bathroom, a glass shower screen can help to create the impression of a bigger space. The frameless glass will actually give the illusion of the room space doubling, thus adding to its simple elegance.


A shower screen prevents water leaking and pooling on the bathroom floor. It is much better at keeping the rest of your bathroom dry. Shower curtains aren’t great at retaining water within the shower area, especially if your curtain isn’t long enough. They tend to create that frustrating puddle on the floor or soaking your bath mat. Get a shower screen if you want to restrict the splashes to the shower area.

Easy Maintenance

All shower doors are now manufactured with safety tempered or laminated glass allowing you peace of mind where safety is concerned combined with easy maintenance. You only need to wipe the glass down with a squeegee to maintain its clean finish and prevent soapy smears being left on the glass.


Shower screens can be too rigid to fit in curved or different shaped tubs. If you opt to get a curved tub, creating a custom one that fits your bathtub might be too costly. The best way to keep the splashes contained is to get a shower curtain.

Benefits of Shower Curtains


Shower curtains, on the other hand, provide the flexibility that a glass screen wouldn’t otherwise provide. If you use the shower for activities like washing your clothes or to shower your kids, pets or elderly parents, you might need that extra room which a shower curtain can give.

Less expensive

Looking for ways to save on your renovation budget? A shower curtain is one way to cut costs since they are a lot cheaper than getting a shower screen.

Less Maintenance

Having a shower screen means wiping them down every time you use the shower to maintain its pristine condition. If you are getting shower enclosures, hinges and tracks also need to be regularly cleaned to be free from grime. With shower curtains, all you need to do in terms of maintenance is to throw them into the washer whenever they get dirty and hang them back up their rod to dry.


Shower curtains can harbour mildew and mould, are easily damaged and can look scruffy after a while.

When you don’t keep the bottom of the shower curtain inside the bath during the shower, you risk soaking our bathtub and flooding your bathroom with splashes everywhere.

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