Should You Choose Your Career with Your Heart or Your Mind?

For every person on this planet, success is the most essential and integral part of their lives. The level of success they achieve is directly proportional to the level of happiness they experience in their lives.

I want to mention that I am talking about the holistic kind of success.

Being successful in your professional life and earning good money;

Being successful in your personal life, with a lifelong companion;

Being successful on the emotional and mental front; with more strength and resilience than anyone;

When all of these are at their pinnacle, that is when a person can be called truly successful.

I might not be an expert in the personal and emotional domain, but I do happen to know a thing or two about career.

And today, I would be sharing my insights on the way to choose a career and becoming successful through it.

There are two ways to that. You can let your heart rule or give your brain be the controller of your decision.

Let us look at how both of these play a role.

The Emotional Heart

The things that we do with our heart often hold a special place in our life.

Choosing a life partner is the most important decision of them all, and that is taken with the aid of your heart and nothing else. And more times than not, your heart does not let you down.

So, why not take its advice when it comes to your career?

When your heart tells you to do something, there is a high likelihood that you would enjoy it. So, listening to your heart and choosing a career is going to mean that you are going to love it.

Is that not what you want?

If someone, whose heart wants to become an athlete, ends up becoming an accountant, do you think he would be successful?

Not only would he be drowning in his sorrows at work, but he would also be quite sullen at home.

Would you be happy giving up your heart’s desire?

A writer or a performer might have to take small loans in Ireland to support himself if he does not succeed, but he at least would know that he tried. And that is enough for the heart to become content.

The Logical Mind

The mind or the brain is definitely the most important organ in our body. The heart can be replaced, but not the mind, medically speaking of course.

Our minds are almost always the practical voice in us.

If you always focus on the practicalities of things like your brain tells you to remove the emotions from the equation, you are bound to experience the success in your career.

But is that possible?

Giving up your risky dream that has the slim possibility to make you a household name to take up the safer option and being satisfied with it all your life.

What would your choice be?

People often take the practical route, a significant reason for it is the security it provides. They easily give up on their emotional heart. The world is filled with people like this.

Who Would You Let Prevail?

If I am realistic, the heart cannot think; it is the brain that is responsible for that. The metaphorical reference to the heart is to represent a person’s true desires and aspirations, which have emotions backing them up.

You can become an actor, a sports person, a YouTuber or even a seamstress.

Whatever you do, do not just think about your dream coming true and do not only think about the money that it would bring in.

You have found a balance between the two. When you do that, even if the beginning is depressing and mandated the procurement of provident loans available in Ireland to support it, the end would most certainly be a glorious one.

And that is when you will prevail, and that is what matters.

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