Selling a Car With the Private Number Plate

Personalizing a vehicle with a private number plate is gaining popularity for several decades. It makes a car stand out from the rest, and the owner of the car gains publicity. The registration number plates can be bought easily from the registered list of the DVLA. You have to follow the legal process of transferring the number plate.

Selling a vehicle attached with a private number plate requires exceptional skills. Basically, a personalized number plate is like a ‘personal stamp’ on a particular car marked by the previous owner, mainly if the number plate shows their names or initials through the combination of letters and numbers. Few buyers may not mind buying them, especially if they have the same name or initials, but most people would like to invest in a regular number plate or have a unique custom-made number plate.

Again, occasional payments are there for renewing the ownership of the personalized number plate which is nothing but further added cost that few purchasers may not want to shed. Hence, this reason can make a prospective private buyer stay away from purchasing a car with a private number plate.

However, certain agencies are eligible to sell any car containing a private number plate without any uncertainty. You can get an online valuation from them.

Selling a second-hand vehicle with a private number plate:

You may have searched a hundred ways to sell your second-hand vehicle attached with a personalized registration plate that you wish to keep. You need to contact the DVLA and ask them to provide you with the needed form to fill in for retaining your number plate. Few reputed agencies are ready to buy your car having a cherished number plate. On the particular form, you have to make entry of the information about whether you possess a vehicle for your registration number plate to be shifted or not.

If you have not purchased a new car yet, you must transfer the registration number onto a retention certificate that is going to incur an amount. The car should be obtainable for inspection before the retention and must be taxed properly.

Do you know what is the best way?

Dial the local DVLA office and fix an appointment. Let them deal with the forms along with you, and inspect your car. It will make the process proceed faster. Your application must get approved within a couple of weeks.

After completing your paperwork satisfactorily, you can begin the car selling process online by getting a free valuation for your car. You can complete it earlier also. It will be valid up to a particular date.

How can you transfer a private number plate online?

Certain ways are there for transferring the private number plate:


  • You require Vehicle Registration Certificate V5C which is the logbook for your old vehicle, and the new car if you already have one.
  • You need a credit or debit card for paying £80 fee.
  • Your certificate reference number in case you are putting your private number plate onto your new car from your old vehicle.

What is the reason to sell a number plate along with the car?

Everyone’s approach towards cherished number plates is different. Somebody may love to own something that matches their name, their partner’s name, profession, favorite slogan, etc. While others may prefer a registration plate showing the pride of the model of the luxury car.

For example, a Jaguar car can suitably boast a number plate showing ‘JA62 UAR’. It is quite sensible to sell the private plate along with the car. But, one can consider the other way, if he/she intends to purchase another model of the same vehicle brand or just sell the number plate separately. The right buyer matters a lot as you can bag a good amount of cash.

Why is it necessary to keep your private number plate?

The most obvious reason to keep the personalized registration plate is the love attached with the plate. Mostly, people set up the letters and numbers as per their personal choice that means something important to them. There is a sentimental value attached to it.

Consider a few things:

You must get hold of a new DVLA car registration for the car. When you are about to sell your car, if the pictures you clicked show the personalized number plate too, you have to make it crystal clear in your advertisement that the particular number plate is not going to come with the specific car. It is best if you re-register the vehicle and be sure enough that the vehicle is bearing the private number plate before clicking photos of the car.