See What Your Dentist Recommends If You Have Extra Dentures

Some people have more than the normal number of extra teeth in one jaw, and this condition is common in between 1-4% of the population. Some extra teeth may grow for reasons completely unknown to the natural teeth in the jaw, requiring the intervention of a dentist ( دكتور اسنان ) to solve the problem.



Adults have 32 teeth distributed between the upper and lower jaw. Overgrowth of teeth or extra teeth can cause negative effects that are reflected in the natural teeth in form and function, so dentists usually recommend early intervention and treatment of the condition when observed to reduce the damage caused by the growth of excess teeth.


The extra teeth in the upper jaw often grow behind the front incisors at a faster rate than in the lower jaw, and experts believe that a combination of genetic and environmental factors may play a role in increasing the rate of additional teeth growing in some people.

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