Save Yourself from Counterfeit HME Billing Services?

According to a report in the medical billing business, counterfeit billing constitutes between 3-10 percent of total health spending. It is also seen that around $ 1.1 trillion are spent by CMS on coverage for approximately 145 million Americans of which $95 billion of that is categorized as improper payments that were connected to various kinds of fraud or abuse.

Any mistakes such as incorrect billing or even upcoding claims in fact can be considered as Medicare fraud and abuse for your medical practice, which can also lead the practice to even loss of professional license in some cases. This is why it is very essential to choose correctly when you are opting for outsourcing your RCM services.

Tips to choose the perfect RCM solution for your HME billing: 

  • Complete HIPAA compliance – complete HIPAA compliance should be on your top priority list while choosing the operation extension for your HME billing services. As in the exchange of data during the billing operation process, it is quite essential to safeguard the privacy of people. Also the data needs to secure in order to avoid fraud and laundering of unnecessary information and money.

  • Excellent industry references – an industry reference not only helps you get the feedback of the work that you will receive when you opt for the services from the RCM operational extension but also gives you the idea if the operational extension is worth the try and you are not wasting your money unnecessarily.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: a reliable RCM solution for your HME billing: 

Catering to all the pre and post HME billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the leading RCM solutions. Being a complete HIPAA compliance with an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certified. In fact, working for more than 12 years, we further have the track record of:

  • Highest productivity metrics in the industry
  • 99.9% accuracy rate in all the coding and billing process
  • Highest collection rate

In fact, we are a proud RCM solution that has never lost a client since 2008. With excellent industry references across the country, we give you guaranteed 80% operation cost reduction that no other RCM solution can provide at a service charge of $7 per hour or starting from 2% of the collection.

So, if you are looking for a reliable cost-effective RCM solution for a faster ROI and seamless billing management in this competitive era, we are the perfect solution. For more information on what other benefits we offer, get in touch with our experts.

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