Salon Management: How to Control the Growth of Your Business

Like any profitable business, with a large capacity to generate cash and with sustained demand, beauty salons face a danger: that of barriers in growth.

This can mean administrative problems, huge losses of money, missed opportunities and, in the end, the closing of the premises.

That is why it is so important that, if you are in charge of this type of business, consider what the indispensable variables for an orderly expansion are. Only then can you lay firm foundations to think about expanding the size of the aesthetic, hiring more staff, introducing new services and, why not, opening more branches.

Keep in mind that operating a beauty center requires knowledge and skills that go beyond those strictly related to the office of a beautician. If you want to undertake this business seriously, then it is no longer enough that you know how to make a good haircut or choose the best shade for a manicure pedicure, but you will also have to learn to control inventories, review the payroll and think about strategies to attract new clients.

The list of tasks seems endless, but with the right advice and tools, you can move on to the next level. Do not miss these tips!

1. Plan

For a growth that is genuine and in an orderly manner, you need to work on an annual strategic plan, in which you determine what your goals are, what you will need to achieve them and what the progress will be month by month. Remember that, something we have been saying on different places in our blog, it is important that these goals are “SMART”: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (with a compliance date).

2. Use business intelligence

The second step is to determine which are the best-selling services and operations that generate the most profits. It may be the sale of products to use at home, treatments to improve hair hydration and shine, or extra services such as event makeup. You also need to know who the most loyal customers areand what your average per service income is. Do this exercise with numbers in your hand, with the reports generated by a salon management system or salon software. Also, investigate what new trends are there in the market that could mean sending out more attractive and valuable offers.

3. Give service mobility

The clients of a beauty salon have a unique profile, which you need to know: going to the salon means for them a personal gratification, so they are willing to meet and buy new products and services, but at the same time they are very demanding in terms of quality, dedication and quickness in attention. That’s why you need to make sure you give them the best experience in your salon, and for that, nothing is better than mobile management systems that allow you, for example, to show them the new line of toxic-free enamels on a tablet screen Or generate, collect and lower bills from anywhere in the room.

4. Avoid waste and money leaks

Salon software is also essential to manage inventory, protect against practices such as theft and not allow employees to use costly items such as dyes or creams carelessly. It is not only about keeping strict control of income and expenses, but also about raising awareness among staff about the cost of water and electricity , the impact of waste generation, or how we can take care of the environment with simple habits. It also analyzes the possibility of investing in energy-saving equipment.

5) Invest in your team

It is impossible for you to think about an expansion strategy without the support of professional and committed staff,to whom you can delegate important tasks and responsibilities. If you feel that you are not prepared, dedicate time to your training as a leader, either through readings or workshops. Block timings in your schedule or calendar to talk with your employees, and thus know their needs, aspirations and feelings about their role in the company. Identify the best. See if you can enhance their knowledge and skills with training, awards and career plans. Let them know that they are important and that they are a vital part of the business success story.