Salesforce Consulting Partner – The Blockchain Concept

Blockchain is a reliable way to build trusted networks. By using Salesforce blockchain, it’s possible to create these networks via point-and-click tools. A network partner or Salesforce consulting partner could be external or internal to your organization and you can be free to gathering information about the technology or operating system they are using.

Today, we will dive deep into the details about what blockchain technology is, how it is different and what Salesforce blockchain means for an application development.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain works around cryptography. It is used to create linkage between various records. The cryptographic networks create a series of interconnected records known as a ledger. A ledger is resistant to spontaneous changes of data in records. Cryptographic hash has to be altered to publish an update to an individual record. When you have successfully updated a record, it must be re-validated before adding to the ledger. Each updated record is re-added to the ledger to publish a new record as a new ledger entry.

When this blockchain is connected to a certain network, which can handle;

  1. Communication between authorized partners a.k.a. nodes
  2. Provide an agreement upon partner system to verify changes to network data and the individual blockchain can be duplicated across different partner nodes of the network

This duplication builds multiple blockchain ledgers having identical records that have already been verified individually. This is described as the blockchain network or distributed ledger.

What is Salesforce Blockchain?

Salesfsorce blockchain is nothing but a new way to build, secure and share data from application with a network partner. That’s because Salesforce Blockchain offers the infrastructure of a distributed ledger and adds power of Salesforce metadata. A partner can publish and verify records on Salesforce Blockchain from any system, securely and independently. You can see and work with blockchain data in automations, reports and all other typical data records.

What does Salesforce Blockchain means for App Developers?

 The imperative part of Salesforce blockchain is to discover how to identify valid use cases.

Ask below questions to yourself to figure out whether or not your app is capable of Salesforce blockchain:

Does the source need to be a single set of record?  

If your answer is YES, a distributed ledger isn’t going to do any good to your app. In a distributed ledger, every partner is availed with a copy of the ledger. Not even a single ledger is the source of truth.

Does the application need to meet certain set of requirements that would be easier to fulfill in case of changes?

If yes, the way Salesforce blockchain publish the changes to record data may be of use in your app. If no, determine whether or not the kind of data in ledger is useful for your app. In case it’s not the major part of application’s functionality, you need to ask about its benefits. Without any clear benefit to the app, blockchain may not be the best fit to store your data.

Does the application include a huge number of partners who may or may not trust one another? 

One of the biggest benefits of the blockchain is its ability to develop a secure relationship between different partners without needing any integration between partners or their systems.             

So now you know how Salesforce consulting partners can provide you a secure and easy-to-manage blockchain where you can store bulky data easily.  Contact our experienced global  team either in the United States, United Kingdom or Europe.