Safety precautions housing societies must take to stay safe from Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought the world and the day-to-day living of everyone to an absolute standstill. Though lockdown has been slowly lifted up, Covid19 cases in India showing no signs of slowing down. In this situation, we have no other way other than maintaining social distancing and taking proper safety precautions to prevent ourselves from getting infected. While social distancing is one of the most important ways to defeat the threat, you might be wondering if it’s safe to stay in housing societies or not.

You might be worried about getting exposed to a considerable number of people and maintaining social distancing might seem like a challenge to you in a housing society. Fortunately, in the last few years, Kolkata has witnessed the rise of housing societies constructed in vast piece of land. Sunaina Singh, an IT professional recently moved into a housing society offering residential flats near Budge Budge which is spread over 22 acres of land providing enough scope for social distancing for its residents. Some housing societies have actually managed the situation tactfully by enforcing some rules. They have shouldered the responsibility and taken bold steps to ensure the safety of the residents. If you too are worried about safety measures in your apartment complex, here are a few guidelines to win the battle.

  1. Spread awareness:

Awareness of each and every member can mostly prevent the disease. The managing committee should set a few guidelines for the residents and issue advisory regarding the safety measures. It should be communicated if proper social distance is maintained, there are least chances of infection. Any public or social gatherings, festivals, get-togethers inside the premises should be prohibited until things get better. Encourage residents to stay at home as much as possible. Educate the residents about hand washing and other safety measures. If someone looks sick, ask them to self-quarantine for a few days. Ensure that kids are taught about safety and hygiene measures.

  1. Rules for common utilities:

The use of common areas in a housing complex should be restricted. Community halls should be closed and children should not be allowed to play outside. Playgrounds with swings and slides should be closed temporarily and entry should be restricted in indoor sports areas, gyms, swimming pool areas. Residents at Sunaina’s apartment near Budge Budge Trunk road are advised to avoid lift and use stairs instead because there is a high chance of infection in confined zones. A washbasin should be installed and hand sanitizers should be kept at the entry point of the society.

  1. Regular Sanitization:

Accomplish complete sanitization of the housing society as it not only kills the germs immediately but also keeps the space germ-free for several days and months. There are professional cleaning and sanitization services that clean the whole premises using technology and keep it safe and secure from contagious diseases. Floor, carpets, sofas of common areas along with remote corners should be dusted as much as possible. All visible surfaces should be wiped with soap water or sprayed with disinfectant. Elevators should be cleaned with disinfectants every two hours with paying special attention to elevator call buttons, panels and door handle. Also remember, medical and other waste from an infected person should not be dumped in open dumping grounds.

  1. Delivery precaution measures:

As residents are hardly stepping out, they are becoming more dependent on delivery services. But restrictions must be there to allow outsiders within premises. Deliveries should be kept at the entrance gate and the residents informed about the same. Visitors, house helps and other outsiders should be consistently monitored for fever and accompanying symptoms.

Things to do if someone gets infected:

Even after all the safety precautions, if someone gets infected by Covid19, all other family members should quarantine themselves for a period of 14days. The residents should be asked to remain transparent regarding their health condition and take immediate actions. But remember, asking them to adhere to physical quarantine norms does not mean isolating them altogether from society. Dropping medical supplies or groceries at their doorstep and enquiring about their health over the phone can be done by the residents.

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