Rupin Banker: The Best Banker in the Industry

About Banker Group: 

The Banker group is one of the famous banking entities for the last 17 years. They have started their journey in the year of 2003. Since then they have become one of the best and pioneer banking groups in the world’s financial sector. They mainly operate in the areas of – health care and commodities. Mr. Rupin Banker is the founder and chairman of this group. First, they started trading in India. They started investment in Maplewood. Within a few years, they have become the reputed organization in the financial sector. In 2011 they started their office and operations in London. This helps to expand their business worldwide. Reports say, in 2015 their annual turnover was around 1 billion USD. Besides they have opened their operation in 10 different locations. They opened their offices in major cities like- Dubai, Singapore, and New York. They started the partnership with many worlds renewed traders and manufacturers in the business podium.


The Banker group operates mainly from Dubai. But they do business in the markets of the Middle East, India, and Asia. They mainly intermediate in the pharmaceutical sector of the Indian market. The group operates in commodity sectors. Their motto is to deliver fast and prompt services to their clients. Always loyal to the clients in any situation. At Banker Group, they maintain the highest level of loyalties in the business ground. Due to this reason, they become one of the loyal banks in the financial sector.

Area of Business: 

The area of business of the banker group is mainly in four sectors. In the commodity section, they concern about four important sectors. Coal, steel, plastic, and petrochemicals, and pharma intermediates.

Steel commodity: 

They have many partners in India and the Middle East. Their partners are operated in the structural steel area. They do business in rods, towers, and in pipes. They offer high-quality steel in the market at an affordable price.

Coal Commodity: 

They have many plants in the India and Middle East. Banker group continuously develop the area in cement plants and coal trade.

Plastic and petrochemicals: 

Banker group does investment into crude oil, refined polymers, and plastics sectors. In this field, they operate with many partners from India, China, and the Middle East.


In the health care sector, they have a tie-up with the MAIA Healthcare Dental Clinic. MAIA is one of the leading brands of the United Kingdom. They provide services in the dental sector. With the help of MAIA the Banker Group is deliver the best dental procedure. They offer scientific methods and cutting edge technologies in the area.


They also invested in the education sector. They maintain a franchise of the world-famous school chain Delhi Public School in Dubai. In the education sector, they started investing in the year 2016. They accommodate nearly 3000 students in their Dubai branch.

Real Estate:

Banker group also invested in the real estate sector. In India and Dubai, the land banks. They have real estate assets in London. They have initiate massive real estate and construction in many areas of the world.

Facilities for the clients: 

The Banker group offers many facilities for its clients. This includes the following:

Investment guide: They offer dedicated service of investment guides to the clients. They offer secure debt, low leverage, and a guaranteed financial guide. They also protect clients from market volatility by their best possible financial advice.

Work with the Supplier: They connect them with the customers. They have joined with the many suppliers in several sectors. Due to this reason, they offer lower costs of the economic scale.

Credit facilities:  Banker group allows many merchants to zero interest facilities. They offer credit and insurance facilities also which help merchants in their business.

The global movement of goods: Banker group handles global movements of the goods. Their logistic team helps logistic experts in each local office. Also support import facilities and documentation paper.

Help in trading: Help in the purchase, inspection, guaranteed transaction to their clients. They offer no-risk transactions to the clients.

Rupin Banker is a great visionary. He established this group to help people and provide them a hassle-free service. They started the operation in India in the 1940s, which take the modern look in the year of 2003. The Banker group has many happy customers who believe in this institution for any reason. Loyalty and service is the main strength that makes them best in the banking sector.

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