Rock Some Irreverent Vibes with King Baby Studio Jewelry

In the world of jewelry design, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on originality. Compounding the complexity of design is the number of ways in which a designer can make an original piece. Jewelry can be defined by its metals and stones, by the finish of its metals and the cut of its stones and by the arrangement of its elements. The symbols and motifs that a designer incorporates into a piece of jewelry or a line of jewelry can have the same pronounced distinguishing effect. If you need a bit of a break from some of the more prevalent trends that rule design today, then you may want to turn your attention to King Baby Studio Jewelry.

That’s a simple sales pitch, at least on the surface. Try something new, try this. We’ve all heard that enough and it loses its edge pretty quickly. The thing is, when you see some examples of designs in King Baby Studio Jewelry you will know exactly why we leaned on that approach.

Many designers today try to make a name for themselves with the incongruous elements of highly refined and polished pieces of precious metal thrown into relief against slightly asymmetrical stones, or by marrying traditional icons to more iconoclastic pairings of design. Some others take it upon themselves to build utter emblems of intricacy and rococo embellishments. There’s nothing wrong with any of these approaches, but when you stumble upon something entirely different and new it produces an effect you will not soon forget.

What’s novel about King Baby Studio Jewelry is their whole attempt at design seems to want to give off the impression that they are beholden to no one. It gives off the vibes of a ‘devil may care’ attitude, yet they seem to take no notice of it anyway.

What we mean by this is that if you’re looking for designs that will put the finishing touches on your irreverent, iconoclastic spirit, then you could do much worse than to indulge in some King Baby designs.

Some of their pieces of jewelry give off the effect that they have been reproduced from reclaimed or repurposed pieces of coinage or art. A pendant from King Baby Studio is just as likely to offer you a take on the Great Seal of the United States as it is to give you a skull or an Angel’s Wing or a take on a crowned heart. Designs even more unyielding and unapologetic like daggers and crosses are equally prevalent among their catalog.

A bracelet in Tiger’s Eye, Onyx or leather is another great way to refine your sense of rebellious appeal with some examples of King Baby Studio jewelry. Bracelets feature chainlinks and sterling silver rings with darkened, nearly Gothic or Rocker appeal make up staples in their repertoire of offerings.

The point of all this is that you can refresh your dress with some King Baby Studio Jewelry. Many other designs out there are aimed at providing you with a different look, and for a rebel soul, some of their pieces of jewelry are the perfect garnish.

Where can you find examples like these and many more? Look no further than Love My Swag and you will be flooded with impressive examples of the type of spirit that suffuses their jewelry. Unapologetic, headstrong, individualistic, King Baby Studio Jewelry is a tasteful break from the ordinary. Visit and you will find no shortage of options to put a twist on your portfolio of jewelry. Even if you make some of their designs a complement to your catalog rather than a staple, you will get a definitively satisfying break from the norm.

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