Review of Official FIFA App

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world and has been for quite some time now. With teams and leagues from almost every country of the world, FIFA or The Fédération Internationale de Football Association is the only international governing body of this sport. The worldwide reach of the sport means that millions of viewers tune in daily to route for their favorite teams and enjoy this passionate competition which is also known as the “beautiful game”. FIFA has come up with an Android version of its official App for viewers from around the world. According to its description, the app helps users stay updated with breaking news, photos, videos and other updates occurring in the vast world of FIFA.  You can find the downloadable version of FIFA on AllBestApps.

The App certainly delivers one of the most complete fan experiences in the world of FIFA, with its coverage extending to 197 national leagues and almost all continental competition. It focuses more on user interaction as it allows fans to share their views on matches, as well as publish articles with the endless sea of fans from around the world.

When using this App, one can surely notice some of the features that this app provides, probably unparalleled in any other app of its kind. Some standout and useful features which one can find interesting and enjoyable include the following:

  • Detailed Schedules: The App comes with a very useful and detailed section containing the schedules and timings of matches from around the world. Whether it’s a grade-A Premiere League game between Arsenal and Tottenham, a match watched by millions from around the world, or a local derby between two Chilean teams in Chile’s national league, the app makes no discriminations, covering almost all teams in the world, irrespective of its popularity.
  • Archives: The App also provides a rich content of video archives, something rarely provided by other apps of this nature. Since its FIFA’s official app, users are treated with various archive footage from almost all the major games in the history of the sport. From the latest World Cup in Russia all the way back to one of the earliest instances of the tournament, the FIFA app has it all.

Overall, this app excels in ways in which other apps struggle. The fact that it’s an official FIFA App makes this one of the must-have applications for an ardent football lover.