The Japanese tyre-manufacturing giant, Bridgestone has its subsidiary in the form of Firestone Rubber and Tyre company. The subsidiary expanded its truck-tyre range with the introduction of Firestone FD711. This product is well-suited for long services and has various interesting features.

Overview of the tyre

Tyres required by trucks should be durable and long-lasting. The new Firestone FD711 is exactly what a truck owner dreams of. The tyre performs extremely well in all conditions. It possesses a solid grip and even wear, to provide exceptional results.

Following are some of the key features of Firestone FD711:

  1. Shoulder design: The tyre has an open-shoulder design along with lateral shoulder channels. The purpose of the open shoulder design is to provide a balanced performance in mud, snow, and rainy conditions. The lateral shoulder channels do the job of channelling water.

  1. Blocks have gripping edges: What makes this tyre suitable for snowy terrains are the gripping edges present on the aggressive tyre blocks. This enhances the performance of this product.

  1. Staggered tread block: The staggered block design ensures even tread and increases the life of the tyre. This design helps in distributing the force evenly among the surface of the tyre.

  1. Strong tread compounds: The tyre-life is further prolonged due to the presence of the tough tread compounds. This ensures even wear and abrasion resistance.

  1. Four belt structure: The FD711 consists of four steel belts for the protection of the casing.

The Firestone FD711 is tough and strong because of the introduction of various technologies. The Tyres Barnet are good for long services and delivery purposes. That’s just about the key features, we still need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages along with the performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding traction in dry as well as wet conditions

  • Durable and strong with a prolonged tread lifespan

  • Performs well in snowy surfaces

  • Not noisy

  • Provides strong grip in almost all kinds of terrains

  • Better fuel economy

  • A running base to protect the inner structure

  • The strong sidewalls provide resistance from wear and tear


  • The tyre is expensive. However, the high price is justified by the fact that these tyres are made with ultra-high technologies and possess exceptional features. The price is fine according to the performance but it is still more than what a normal tyre would cost.

  • You can not use this tyre for everyday purposes. This tyre is made for highways but may wear out earlier if used every day for travelling.


Bridgestone Firestone FD711 performs well in almost all conditions. As mentioned above, the tyre has a four-belt technology that assists in proving extremely good traction in snowy conditions. But the same is implied for dry conditions as well. It is suitable for high-speed driving and also for the times when you are carrying heavy loads.

The open shoulder design and the lateral shoulder blocks enable the tyre to work perfectly in wet conditions. These designs help in getting rid of the water in wet conditions.

Size and Warranty

Talking about the size, Bridgestone Tyres Finchley come in two sizes- 11R22.5 (smaller) and 11R24.5 (bigger). The weight of the 11R22.5 is 57 kg and has a load capacity of 2800 kg. 11R24.5 weighs 60 kg and its load capacity is 3000 kg.

The new Firestone FD711 comes with a 90 days buy-and-try warranty. However, the warranty does not cover damages caused due to road collisions.

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