Rev Up Your Living Space with Wall Hangings

Sometimes chic accent pieces and furniture are not enough to deck up your space. Even after the finest of efforts, your living space still looks a bit bland. So, what can be a way out, which looks aesthetic and functional at the same time? Let’s find out at Mrs. Acharya’s luxury apartment near Chiria More.

As she quoted, “Living in a home where big and broad walls make your entire setting feels dull requires meticulous decoration planning”. Wall hangings, henceforth has arrived as a wise decision. They can instantly add some visual drama with sheer elegance. As a décor item, the use of wall hangings dates back to the 13th century. But, the ones we see of late are the improvised versions that appear later and became mainstream.

Here’s how fantastic wall hangings can help you deck up coveted decor schemes.

Wooden Wall Hangings Are All About Artistic Grandeur

It’s been in the décor panorama for quite some time. Wooden wall hangings are ideal as they arrive in an assortment of colors, designs, and sizes. The best part of the wood is that it can be customized to fit in with the room’s design. Though square, round, and rectangular are among the most popular shapes, artists prefer a bit unique shapes and sizes. To add some lustre, get your wooden piece painted, stained, or varnished. Wooden hangings are quite elaborated and add extra pizzazz to your interiors.

Quilts Add Sheer Elegance

Quilts are known for keeping people warm, but handmade quilts are often used as home décor stuff. Designers often create beautiful hand-stitched quilts exclusively for hanging it on the walls. There are specially designed hangers used for hanging quilts or tapestries. Quilt hangers come with fabric loops for the better display of the décor item.

Metal Wall Hangings Pronounce Class & Sophistication

For those who love the co-existence of tradition and contemporary in the interiors, metal hangings are the best. Metallic wall hangings are more of abstract wall art that reflect class, elegance, and panache at equal élan. They are designed from steel, aluminium, and wrought iron to construct intricate pieces of wall art. Metal wall art is into the scene during the medieval days, which has gone through a series of influences over the centuries. Metal hangings were even popular across civilizations like Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Indo-American.

Tapestries Are Great For Bedrooms

Tapestries are the staple décor item for years. A densely woven piece of fabric, tapestries make beautiful addition for any bedroom. Though it is often used in the living room, in the bedrooms, they create a fantastic aura. In the ancient days, wall hangings like tapestries used to communicate tales or ideas. Sometimes they used to record the historical account of events. Nowadays, hand woven fabrics are also available. A variety of threads are used to design tapestries nowadays. The ones which are factory-made are also great as wall hangings. However, the ones created on a loom are widely popular.

When it comes to design a space with wall art, several considerations come into play. Do not opt for anything that does not match with the existing theme of your place. Choosing handmade things is a wise idea as they always reflect the sheer uniqueness and exotic charm, unlike the factor- made stuff. After all, the purpose of decorating walls in to perk up the pizzazz.

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