Refresh the Look of your Kid’s House with the Best Interior Design

Bring your child’s imagination to life in inspirational, exciting spaces that truly reflect their personality. From nurseries and individual bedroom concepts to fantastically fun playrooms, we’ll help you create unique spaces designed especially for your child.
It’s their dream room, beautifully designed by Turning Leaf Interiors.

One of the most fun things for our designers to do is create amazing spaces for children to enjoy. Here at Turning Leaf Interiors we are all about ensuring we listen, inspire and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s the small touches that make Turning Leaf so special. Our talented in-house design team can create completely bespoke furniture, storage solutions, amazing beds and wall features – producing truly unique, personalised pieces made especially for your child.

From Discovery to Delivery

Our service starts with discovery, working together with your family to create the perfect design. It’s about making the process fun and stress-free, taking the time to get to know your child, their personality and likes. Capturing their imagination and ideas, we bring creative concepts to life, in amazing, practical spaces you’ll both love.

kid friendly interior design yorkshireWe offer our clients two design packages, the online package starting at just £195 or the more traditional bespoke package where we will visit you at your home to start the design journey. We will present inspirational mood boards, room layouts, 3d visuals and even design you your own piece of bespoke joinery such as fun storage solutions or a funky new bed. We then move onto looking at flooring, lighting, furniture and soft furnishings. Colour exploration is central to the whole process and this is often what excites children the most about the room we are creating. Our homes are for living in and reflect our tastes and personalities and children’s rooms should be no different. Choosing the best colours for your interior scheme can be a difficult task, given the seemingly endless array of ideas and inspiration available. A great way to get started yourself is to simply save a few images on Pinterest that capture your favourite colours, styles and furniture. You can reference this as a guide for the key pieces, overall colour scheme and accessories. Don’t worry about how many you choose, you can always add or subtract from your board over time. Remember there are no rules. Not feeling frilly, or pink, or bright & bold! Your child’s room is about them and you and what makes you both happy, we will help and guide you from start to finish.

Not sure where to start, feeling overwhelmed? Then let Turning Leaf Interiors offer a helping hand with one of our Kids Interiors Design packages.

These are perfect if:

  • You have little time on your hands
  • You want a bespoke, fun and captivating room for your child
  • You want a space to be proud of
  • You need a creative and professional touch to design and style your dream space from start to completion

Feeling experimental?

Bedrooms for kids are so much fun to decorate! With practically no limit to the potential and no design rules to stad in the way.
Bedrooms for kids are so much fun to decorate! There’s practically no limit to the potential and no design rules to stand in the way. For many, the most enjoyable part has to be the walls – they’re like big fresh canvases just waiting for bold colors and fun designs.

Check out these 5 easy steps for your child’s bedroom you can do without an interior designer!

Colour – Creating a dynamic paint colour scheme for kids’ rooms can be a lot of fun, helping to create a haven that’s perfect for sleeping and playing. A lot depends on their age, of course: you can impose bold colours or pretty pastels on toddlers and younger children, but as they get older, they will want to be involved in choosing the paint colours for their rooms, which might mean compromising – or capitulating. Try choosing 3 colours – 1 will be the main room colour and the other 2 will be used to add in accents or pops of colour. You can bring in the accent colours by incorporating new bedding, a funky lampshade, colourful textiles such as a throw or cushions, new curtains or blinds, or even something as simple as photo frames.

Geometrics are also a big trend; their simple design will delight your kids – and they’re easy to achieve. Another great way to add interest and fund with different colours is Colour-blocking. It means no splashing out on expensive wallpaper designs and is relatively easy to do. For a calming look, choose soft, toning shades; for a bolder scheme, pick out primaries or shocking contrasts.

Furniture – With so many creative storage solutions and furniture pieces now available, updating your child bedroom means all budget are well catered for. From fun geometric wall shelving to animal themed storage boxes to amazing bespoke joinery here at Turning Leaf we can help point you in the right direction. The key is to create a space that encourages your child’s hobbies and interests, reflects their personality and remains a stimulating, adaptable and fun space for years to come.

Lighting – Try using colourful fairy lights or a statement pendant bulb to inject some fun. To add a real wow factor you could indulge in a neon LED light like this one from You just can’t beat a bit of Neon lighting, its funky and offers a warm glow. This LED light is energy efficient, made of plastic and can be used safely in a child’s bedroom.

Rug – A feature rug is a fantastic way to incorporate a focal point in the room, add in texture and be a fun place to play! We love this tufted racoon rug from and it even has matching Black and white printed wall hangings!

Art work – This for a child’s bedroom is a must have and can be so cheap and easy. From framing one of their colourful paintings to having a go at block painting your own canvases for young children this is a great place to start. If your budget allows a bespoke wall mural could be the focal point of the bedroom. Not only is a wall mural extremely fun, its distinctive and a sure way to inspire and excite children allowing them to get lost in their imagination. A great place to start is

Turning Leaf Interiors will do all the hard work for you; we will design the room, source the materials, paint and decorate, to give your child their dream room. Our unique creative consultations are great for empowering children, developing their decision making and honing their creative skills. We know how to create a personal, stylish space with character and warmth that is practical, fun and engaging. Give your child a bedroom or playroom they will love with Turning Leaf Interiors.

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