Reduce your Operational Threat in HME Billing

Today running a profitable healthcare business is quite challenging. Especially with the changing billing regulations, rising healthcare costs, strict healthcare reforms, and payments cuts- a streamlined billing operation is a struggle to obtain.

In fact, with each passing year, the operational threat of HME billing is increasing by days.

Here are a few operational challenges that need to be overcome if you are looking for a healthy revenue cycle and better billing operation.

  • Documentation errors – managing documentation can be tough. It can take up a lot of time.
  • The rising billing cost – with the coding complications and ICD – 10 deadline and covid – 19 crisis situation, the demand for billers and coders has extended beyond expectation. Practices are finding it difficult to have a successful billing team and so leading to increased errors and revenue challenges.

  • Retaining excellent billers and coders – well trained and experienced billers and coders can be quite expensive to retain.

  • Increasing technology cost – medical billing software can cost you thousands and thousands of money for a small practice. Tools for coding at times can be expensive too, increasing the healthcare practice’s financial burden.

  • Reporting issues – tracking the productivity of your HME billing process can be a tedious job. It is often seen the various clinical and administrative jobs overburden many billers and they end up making errors and denied claims.

However, all these can be avoided and overcome.

The Sunknowledge solution : 

Outsourcing your medical billing solution can eliminate all these problems. From worrying about training billers and coders to retaining the billing staff, you no longer have to worry about managing your HME billing process anymore.  Saving you from wasting thousand and thousand of money, Sunknowledge ensures the highest productivity metrics in the industry.

Working for many leading names and leaving a footprint across the US, Sunknowledge excels in streamlining HME billing operational and productivity challenges.

Substantially increase your practice revenue; we reduce 80 % of your operational cost. In fact, the best part working with us are:

  • Experienced billers and certified coders at $7 per hour
  • error free timely claims submission
  • 9 % accuracy rate in the billing process
  • Customized reporting according to your protocol
  • 97 % highest collection rate

Identifying the loopholes of your HME billing revenue cycle, we continuously work on improving and maximizing the revenue. Sunknowledge is the right RCM destination that can turn all your operational and financial threats into several opportunities.

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