Recommended Insurance for Taverns That Owners Should Have

Owning a bar or tavern can be a great endeavor. You can have a lot of success by attracting local regulars and guests who come to have a drink, see the live entertainment you may be hosting or hit the dance floor to the sounds of a Friday night DJ that keeps the party going until the bar closes.

As a bar owner, inviting regular customers can be exciting and fun, but there are also risks that come with ownership. It is why you need to have Insurance for Taverns to be protected against a number of things that can happen within your bar. Here are just a few.

General Liability Insurance – Having a general policy that covers against the little things that are often overlooked is always a must for any business owner, especially at bars, taverns, and nightclubs. There are so many things you can do to take necessary precautions against potential lawsuits. Taverns are usually softly lit, so mark off any changes in elevation and steps so people can safely navigate their way around the bar.

Make sure all fire exits are clearly labeled. Make sure bar stools and tables are checked for stability and that no guests climb on this furniture. Even outside of your bar, you need to protect against possible slip and fall injuries, which can occur on your property as the result of impairment. Keep the parking lot and sidewalks repaired and free of cracks and potholes. Make sure the sidewalks are clear of any snow and ice. Have security monitors on the inside and outside of your establishment. Also, document any activity that happens with bouncers working at your bar. Bouncers can be subject to personal injury suits if the injury occurs on the premises of your bar.

Liquor Liability Insurance – “Liquor liability insurance is defined as coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by an intoxicated person who was served liquor by the policyholder,” according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.).Oct 7, 2013.

Business owners need to make sure they have a procedure in place to check the age of everyone who enters the tavern. The employees you hire should be specifically trained to identify customers who have been served too much and are intoxicated, allowing them to follow procedures where they deny the customer service. You can also offer programs encouraging patrons to use designated drivers or offer a free taxi or shuttle service to keep people off the roads.

Business Property Insurance – Every business needs to have business property insurance to protect the assets within the building. This is especially true for bars and taverns. If your bar serves food, you can be protected against damages sustained should a fire break out and spread. This can also protect your tavern against theft, something that can happen frequently in bars and taverns.

Having insurance for taverns is an absolute necessity as a bar owner. You want to be protected from various incidents and accidents that can occur in any place of business, but especially one that serves food and drinks to many different patrons each day and is open for long and late hours.

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