Reasons to Switch to Motorized Shades

Upgrade your lifestyle and home with the windows of your home. You do not have to necessarily  install new window treatments. You only have to make your window treatments smart with motorized shades. Do you know changing your window treatment can create a dramatic impact on the whole ambiance of a room? There is no doubt that motorization of window shades will elevate your home décor and lifestyle! With automated window treatments, you can enjoy the comfort of staying home and controlling the shades from any room without ever getting up.

Seamless Control of the Shades 

With motorized shades, you do not have to mess with rods and cords. There is no need to touch the shades and move to each window personally to close the shades. You only have to press a button on the remote or your own smartphone and open or close the shades. The shades will raise and lower automatically as response to your command. Even when you are not at home, you can program the shades to operate at a specific schedule.

Energy Saving 

Motorized window shades offer a noticeable saving on utility bills, especially during summer months. These smart window treatments not only block the glare and heat of the sun but also, adjust while tilting according to the position of the sun. Thus, they provide maximum comfort all throughout the day.

Styling the Room

Window treatments today focus on style and smart control. Motorized shades are available in multiple styles, color options, materials and fabrics, thereby adding an impressive touch to a room’s décor. These smart shades will dramatically enhance the interior décor. You do not have to go for faux wood shades to showcase the luxurious appearance of wooden window coverings.

Added Privacy and Security 

Motorized shades are excellent additions to home security systems. Since, these shades can operate on their own, they give the appearance of home occupancy even when there is no one present. With smartphone apps, it is now easy to control the shades from miles away.