Reasons to Hire a Private Detective before Marriage

Indian society is such, that parents’ words are final, even in this era. It sometimes happens that two people get married just for the sake of keeping their parents’ words, despite their discomfort.

This later gives rise to problems like infidelity and it becomes difficult to move on with the marriage as the days pass. In the modern days, many matrimonial sites have sprung up which help in setting up arranged marriages. Fraudulent cases have become rife more so due to the nature of matchmaking.

There are a number of private investigation services available for checking out the facts prior to matrimony. Hiring a well-reputed detective agency in Faridabad would definitely be apt for people considering getting married traditionally without knowing much about the prospective partner.

Do not be torn between letting a stranger uncover the truth though. It is certainly going to benefit you to find your match. Here are a few reasons to do so. Do check…

Past Relations

Learn the truth about the person that would be your spouse in a few months time.  The investigator will help you to learn about the past liaisons along with the details.

You will definitely get to know about abut the person by knowing more about the people he/she had preferred to spend time with. You might also do a discreet inquiry to find out whether the relationship has ended for good. It could emerge as a ghost of the past when you are happily married. Wait and watch whether the person you intend to take as your partner reveals everything before marriage. You will understand the nature of the individual thereby choosing to join in matrimony or go ahead and reject him/her outright.

Family Background

It is essential that you run a family background check on the person you are about to get married to.

After all, marriage is a relationship between two families in Indian societies and if your spouse’s family is not forthcoming, friendly or cheerful by disposition, your marriage is bound to be affected adversely. A private detective will sure be able to research the facts out for you thus helping you to make this huge decision that concerns your life.

Marital Status:

This might sound totally insane, but it is a precaution worth taking.  It is not wise to trust a stranger instantly today. The words that are spoken may not be the truth too as many persons come to their wedding while already married.

The private detective is the best person to find out the truth and will take pains to gather valuable evidence in favor of or against the concerned individual. You would certainly not be willing to marry a stranger who has a wife/husband tucked away elsewhere.

Thank your lucky stars that the investigator has been able to unravel the truth so that your life could be on the tracks.

Social Status

Are they really what they show themselves to be? Social status plays an important role in marriage, and verification of the same happens to be crucial. Sure, Bollywood films depict a utopian world where money does not matter but that far removed from the truth.

Hiring a private detective to find out more about your would be spouse’s social status will help you decide to go ahead with the wedding.


Interlinked with social status, is a person’s lifestyle. It is essential that you and your partner have the same lifestyle or at compatible ones.

A private detective will certainly help you in finding out more about your prospective partner’s lifestyle regarding every aspect of life thereby setting your worries to rest.

Habits and Addictions

Spending a lifetime with a drug addict or an alcoholic is really difficult and could turn out to be your worst nightmare. What if your prospective partner has a habit of lying, or is a kleptomaniac just by habit? Sounds awful, right?

Let the detective find out all about it while you relax. You might need to talk it out with the concerned person in order to find the underlying reason but it is always best to be in the know. So, trust your instincts and rely completely on the sleuth that you have hired.

Criminal Background Check

Now, this is absolutely essential. Living with a criminal is the last thing you would want to do, no matter how minimal their crime is. Criminal background check for the prospective spouse is one of the main reasons why you should hire a private detective for some pre-matrimonial investigation right now!

Educational Status

This is another important reason for conducting pre-marital investigations. There have been multiple instances of fraudulent claims made about the educational status in the past.

It is thus advisable to conduct a pre-marital educational background check on your prospective partner with the help of a private detective in order to make sure that you are not being duped.

Health Check

It also is essential that you know every detail about the health condition of your partner before marriage. It certainly helps to be aware of genetic conditions for keeping the future generation alive and well.  Indians often tend to hide their medical history during the time of marriage causing untold misery for the couple in the future.  A private detective will make sure that you have every little detail about the health of your partner.

In the era of the internet, sadly, frauds have increased manifold and it is essential to shield yourself from them.

It is therefore not wrong to hire a private detective associated with a top detective agency in Faridabad for performing a number of checks on your partner to be. Your reasons for hiring a private detective for pre-marital checks might be different from the list stated above and it is okay.

Every person is different and so are their requirements. The detective agencies provide you with the best service conducted by trusted professionals. Marriage is really a life-changing decision so make sure to have pre-matrimonial investigations so that you have no reason to regret it later.