Real Estate Brokers and Agents in Ireland: Do You Need Them?

Are you planning to sell your house or any residential or commercial property you own in Ireland? One of the primary considerations from the seller’s angle in this whole deal is to decide whether he needs to hire a real estate agent or not. The big question is, should you allow a professional to sell your house, or are you competent and knowledgeable enough to deal with it on your own?

However, it is not mandatory to hire a broker while selling your property in Ireland. This means you can consult different parties ready to buy your house and choose the one offering the best price. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly easier said than done as selling a home is not a cakewalk at all, as it involves a whole lot of things that are discussed in this blog.

Thus, there are multiple benefits of hiring a real estate broker in such deals. These are listed below:

Real Estate Brokers: What They Bring To the Table?

Hiring a real estate broker means you are outsourcing the task of selling your property because you do not have all the necessary knowledge about this industry. These professional brokers surely add value to the deal by ensuring a successful transaction at the best price. Listed below is the acumen which they bring along with them:

  • Knowledge of That Geography: Selling a house involves many aspects apart from deciding on the price and doing the paperwork. The buyer would like to get the information about the neighborhood and the locality he will be moving into. He might want to know the history of that place and the developments happened here over the past few years.

This is where the role of a native agent comes when he will explain everything about the necessary amenities, public institutions, entertainment centers, future developments planned for that area, etc.

The agent will also help the buyer in assessing the finance options and informing him about the borrowing options, or you can search yourself online for the 24-hour loans in Ireland. Thus, if your house is in Dublin, then it makes complete sense to hire a real estate agent of Dublin who has been selling homes there for some years.

  • Experience and the Right Skill Set: Real estate brokers have a great understanding of the commercial and residential property market. They have sold many properties in their career in that area. Thus, they know how to go about selling it. That too at the best price and in lesser time than what a seller could sell.

They know buyers having children will prefer a house that is in proximity to the best school in that locality; working-class people will select a location having a tube (metro) connectivity. Above everything, they can sell your house even in the crisis as we are currently witnessing in the form of a global pandemic. Thus, if you are planning to shift to a new city in a post-Covid world, then prefer hiring an expert for the best deal.

  • Professional Assistance: The sellers are owning their house since inception and naturally be emotional about it. There are high chances that the seller might make emotional decisions at that moment and then regret later. Prefer hiring a real estate agent to carry out this transaction professionally without the involvement of any emotions.

An agent will follow all the protocols prescribed by the local authorities. As per the law in Ireland, while selling your house, you need to do a third party property valuation, obtain a BER certificate and renovate the house, if required. He will do everything in an organized manner, be it documentation, shortlisting buyers or doing the regulatory filings. They have immense experience of carrying out many such deals, and thus you can trust them on their reputation in the market.

These agents are an asset to the buyers also as they can provide pertinent information about the Current Finance Loans to finance the deal. Getting a loan is a tedious process, and these agents can introduce buyers to these lenders who give an instant decision on the loan at lucrative interest rates.

Time for Some Cost-Benefit Analysis!!

After reading the benefits of hiring a real estate agent, as a seller, you might still be apprehensive about whether these benefits outweigh the cost of hiring an agent. The simple answer to that is Yes, the benefits and expertise these agents provide are far greater than the one-time fees they charge. You will realize that every penny you spend is worth it at the end of the deal.

Besides, if you are working, you anyway don’t have time on weekdays to talk to potential buyers calling you when you are in the middle of a meeting or showing up at your doorstep. If you have a real estate agent in the deal, then buyers will connect with him, and he will take all the bullets for you. This way, you are saving your time and energy by not indulging with a plethora of buyers and re-showing them your house.

There is an immense amount of stress in a real estate deal from starting till it is closed; why would you subject yourself to all that stress when someone can take it.

Apart from that, when you have a real estate agent, then there are higher chances that you will get a favorable deal owing to his superior negotiation skills. When you are doing it on your own, there might be a possibility wherein you fail at negotiating the price and have to settle for less.

Your agent will make you realize the right price to demand from the buyers. He can also help the buyers in informing them about the 24-hour loans Ireland to get the money and pay to you quickly.

However, having said all this, it is only possible when you take the services of a reputed real estate broker in your city. Your agent should be experienced in closing real estate deals; he should carry a good reputation in your area and must be trustworthy.

Thus, to hire the best broker, do some research at your end on these brokers. They should have a demonstrated history of working in real estate deals, check his website for the clients’ reviews, take a second opinion from others, etc. These are some of the factors you should assess before finalizing on the right agent for you.

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