How to Ensure Accurate Radiology Prior Authorization

Physicians ordering imaging tests usually want the result quickly which puts the radiologists under a lot of stress. Additionally with an increasing number of physicians ordering imaging services right from CT scans to MRIs as well as routine X-rays, the stress is increasing with time. More often the assistants working for the radiologists lack an associate degree which has to be followed by certification. However, the demands vary from state to state.

Approximately more than 60% of the radiologists work in hospitals. The rest work labs, outpatient centers, and doctor’s offices. They have to be extremely detailed oriented and must follow the precise instructions to get the right image for diagnosis.

On the top, if it, if they have to start worrying about payments, this can be catastrophic for many in the long run. Also, radiology billing needs expert resources who can take your payments to the next stage with a comprehensive plan of action.

The Sunknowledge assurance in practice management

Sunknowledge is a powerful RCM services company offering prior authorization services with

  • Superb accuracy and the top-class productivity standards
  • Experience of over10 years and excellent references of clients
  • 100% PA submissions on the same day
  • 90% approval on prior authorization requests
  • The correct prior authorization ensures 97% collections in the next 30 days

 Knowing the in and out of the industry, we are able to do prior authorization for you on a standalone basis.  At $7 per hour, we complete 3 prior authorization going up to 25 authorizations in a day with one person on a dedicated basis.

With versatility across multiple billing systems, we make sure all your radiology prior authorization needs are taken care of on time. Come let us share how we make a genuine difference in your flow of reimbursements.

Hire us for streamlining all your radiology prior authorization with us! Our team understands what it takes to elevate your practice management standards. Get in touch with us if you are looking for experienced resources that can transform your flow of cash.

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