Quick Hacks for Designing a Smaller Space

“Small is not nice” – the adage exists no more especially in a time when a cosy little living space becomes a happy haven. It’s all about your creative endeavours, believes Anjali Parekh, an IT engineer and a proud owner of a residential project near Batanagar. As her new job demands her to shift to this city, Anjali along with her partner decided to invest in a property, instead of renting out accommodation. And, 2 BHK residential flats near Nangi Station come off as the best bargain.

As for the decoration, she depends on simple and easy hacks to deck up her small space. After all, the idea of decking up a small space is primarily to make the best use of it without making it cramped. Following are the ways she used to cut the clutter & increase the square footage.

  1. Movable Home Bar

Home bars are great to add a character and verve to your space. And, in a small space, you can create wonders with movable home bars. They act as accent pieces that amp up the visual grace of your living space.

  1. Setting up Window Seats

Window seats are perfect for utilizing a space surrounded by natural light. It would be great if there’s any beautiful garden or cityscape just outside it. Notch up a perfectly comfortable ambiance with apt use of window seats, grouped chairs, or chaises. Possibilities are limitless if you want to deck up a cosy little arty place.

  1. Work with DIY Furniture

To deck up her small space Anjali depends on her DIY skills. It’s easier than you think. While working on the furniture, make sure to keep it subdued and sophisticated. Reclaimed furniture is the ideal way to fit in small spaces. You can easily customize it as per your requirement.

  1. Purchase a Statement Art Piece

While this may sound a bit offbeat (considering the statement art pieces are ideal for large & spacious homes), a piece of large-scale art is perfectly fitting for a small space as well. But, this one thing can go a long way to impart a spacious feel to petite space. It adds a focal point to the design scheme and is the effortless way to showcase your aesthetics.

  1. Hanging Wall Storage

To fight away space issues, hanging wall storage can work wonders. You can notch it up with simple leather scraps. This is functional as well as a versatile solution to create a magical wonder inside your space.

  1. Get a Utility Closet

A cleaning closet placed aptly in the home is ideal for making any place space savvy. A wonderful utility closet helps in cleaning and brightening your day. If you don’t want to invest in a big closet for the same, create your own with the help of a peg rail and a few handy tools. A utility closet is highly functional and helps to keep your space clutter free and tidy.

Working with a petite space especially in a living room can be quite a challenge. But, you can make the best of your creative acumen to design a small space with endless opportunities.