Quality Drain Cleaners for Sale from Duracable

Until the invention of the first drain cleaning machine in 1933, clogged pipes often had to be excavated by plumbing professionals and manually unclogged. Drain cable machines make it possible for hard working individuals to start their own drain cleaning businesses. The fact that drain cleaning is an essential service and the job requires only a machine and some training made it a perfect way for post-depression Americans to start their own businesses and better themselves. Almost 100 years later, these machines are still offering professionals the utility to provide a valuable service to their customers. At Duracable Manufacturing, we still promote that enterprising spirit with our line of Drain Cleaners For Sale.

For businesses big and small, we have drain cleaner options to fit your operation and your budget. Whether you need a small machine for unclogging sinks or a massive beast that can cut a tree root out of a sewer line, we have powerful machines to get the job done. At Duracable, all of our drain cleaning machines are made in the USA to the highest standards.

Finding the right machine for your business is important. You don’t want to pay for features that you don’t need or a machine too big for your average workspace. We offer three classes of drain machines to work perfectly for any drain cleaning professional.

Our sink machines are perfect for jobs in tight spaces. With our study frame and splash resistant drum system, these smaller devices are perfect for snaking residential drains and areas where larger machines might not fit. These machines are light enough to sit on a counter or they can be stood vertically to feed up into lines.

For professionals that regularly deal with larger drains and mains, a sled machine is probably your best choice. These machines feature the classic design most technicians are used to, with all the features needed to tackle your next job. Several models even feature powered feed and return systems for extreme ease of use.

If your business deals with serious industrial mains, you need one of our heavy duty upright machines. These large machines feature a built-in toolbox, powerful motors, and clear mains up to 6” in diameter. These drain snake machines also feature stair climbers, a winch point for easy loading and unloading, and still fit through a standard 30” doorway.

No matter which machines your business needs, all of our machines feature our swappable reel system. The ability to easily add and remove your reels makes switching cables and transporting these machines simple. Every machine also features an air-powered foot switch.

We stand by the quality of our drain cleaners. All of our machines come with a 2 to 3-year warranty on the motor and frame. If you experience any issues with one of our drain machines not covered by the warranty, our expert technicians will assess the damage, and we’ll even waive the assessment fee if you chose to have our team repair your machine. We make it easy to keep your machine running for years to come.

So if you run your own drain cleaning business, your drain cable machine is the most essential tool of your trade. If you want to build your business around a quality machine, visit Duracable to see all of our excellent drain cleaners for sale. We have been manufacturing supplies for the drain care and plumbing industry for over 30 years. When you buy a Duracable machine, you know that it will help your business run smoothly for years to come.

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