Puppy Daycare Edmonton Offers Excellent Value For Money

A puppy daycare in Edmonton serves as a perfect place to rest your puppy when you are not at home by it’s side. There could be multiple reasons – either you are travelling for holiday, or for work, or face a situation where you have guests coming over to your home.

In such situations a Puppy Daycare Edmonton serves as an alternate home for your puppy and has all the amenities that your puppy is used to when he is at your home.

However, ironically even though there are many puppy daycare centers in Edmonton, people either don’t understand their value, or under-estimate their importance and so when they face a situation like the one mentioned above, they prefer to keep their puppies confined to their backyards or in a room, until they return.

This practice is extremely cruel to the puppies as it leaves them in solitary confinement for long periods of time and could have a long term negative impact on their mental and physical health.

Dog experts who understand dog psychology and behavior say that pet owners should look after their puppies as if they were a family member and should take their puppies to puppy daycare in Edmonton time and again. They recommend this to ensure that overall good health and well-being of the puppy happens and because of the fact that puppy daycare centers do offer some very good advantages:

Puppy daycare centers are close-by
Most puppy daycare centers are located close-by, operate from early morning till late evening and are even functional on weekends.

Managed by experts
Daycare centers are managed by staff that has a professional qualification and hands-on experience in managing dogs. They know their work inside-out and have a knack of communicating with dogs due to their knowledge of dog behavior.

Puppy daycare centers are spacious
This is a plus point. All puppy daycare centers are large and spacious – both indoor as well as outdoor. They serve as ideal playgrounds for your puppies and offer them an opportunity to stretch their muscles and exercise properly. Puppies can run in gay abandon without any worry and this serves as a big morale booster for them – an exercised puppy is a joyful and happy puppy!

Excellent services offered
Puppy daycare centers offer excellent services. They have professionally designed programs related to all aspects of puppy care that includes their diet, daily exercise, play and sleep time, learning, and behavior training. No wonder then, when you leave your puppy with them even for a short duration, you will notice a marked change in the behavior of your puppy. Your puppy will be more obedient, rested and playful.

Extra care
On demand puppy daycare Edmonton also offer services in grooming and bathing. They will give a bath to your puppy, apply shampoo and do a proper rubbing and scrubbing so that any dirt or mud gets washed away. Further they will trim its nails and brush its hair, so that it looks nice and beautiful.

Proper assessments
Before accepting your puppy, a typical puppy daycare Edmonton will carry out an assessment to ensure that your puppy has an adequate health record that is regular maintained and updated. Vaccination has to be done and it includes vaccines related to Bordatella, Rabies, Dhpp. Further, the dogs must be given prevention treatment for flea, tick and lice.

Behavior checks
Before admitting puppies, almost every puppy daycare Edmonton will check their behavior to see that they are compatible with other dogs in the facility. This is important to ensure that there are bo fights between dogs and they get well with each other.

Nominal rates
For all the above mentioned services, puppy daycare Edmonton charge nominal prices that cover their expenses and meet staff salaries and overhead costs. If you are looking for a long tong term boarding extending more than a week, or a fortnight then discounted rates are also offered. To make the package attractive some freebies are also thrown in.

If you have not tried out a puppy daycare Edmonton as yet, then it is time you tried one. Rest assured, you will be glad that you made the choice.

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