Prominent Causes and Types of Tyre Damage

Imagine driving on a highway and suddenly you encounter a tyre puncture and you don’t even know what to do next if you are in an isolated place. There are several causes of tyre damage that ought to be fixed or pay heed towards. This article comprehends various causes and types of tyre damage. It is not wise and feasible to change your vehicle’s tyre every time it gets damaged. You have to find out the root cause of why your tyre gets ruptured and what are the reasons behind. Let’s dig out the prominent causes of tyre damage below:

Inflation: Over and Under

Over-inflation of tyres results in centre wear, which becomes difficult to notice. When you look beneath the rim, you will notice a withered strip along the periphery of your tyre. However, in the case of under-inflation, shoulder wear happens and the edges of tyres start to wear. It is highly recommended to inflate your tyres properly so that they do not wear out or get ruptured or punctured.


Misalignment of tyres results in camber wear, which means the tyres show signs of wearing out on the outer edge. This type of damage can be seen frequently and you may easily spot the difference while driving. Try to do the alignment of your wheel in order to solve the issue. If not, then it will cause harm to your new tyres.

Wear and Tear

Your tyres are in constant contact with roads, so they are surely going to wear out as time passes. Therefore, it is indispensable to get your tyres checked by professionals after every 5 years. Moreover, tyres should be replaced after 10 yrs and should not be used more than this time period.

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Various Kinds of Tyre Damage

There is unprecedented advancement in tyre technology, but still, good quality rubber tyres also wear out. Therefore, it is good to have knowledge about different kinds of tyre damage so that you will be more alert to avoid these damages.

Punctures: Regardless the robustness of tyres, the tyres can be pierced on roads by the nails or materials found on your way. Run-flat tyres will cover a long distance after having a puncture. However, normal tyres will rupture quickly in this scenario. 

Tread wear: As the time passes and you use your vehicle on roads regularly, there is a much greater possibility that your tyres wear out. The minimum depth of tread that is required in your tyre is 1.6mm, so it is quintessential to check its depth on a regular basis. In case, your tyre’s tread falls below 1.6mm, then immediately replace them with new tyres. Adding to it, if there is wear at the centre or edges, then it depicts that there is a misalignment of the wheel. In this case, seek a tyre expert.

Incorrect Tyre Type: There are different types of tyres designed catering to different types of vehicles. For instance, high-performance cars need high-performance tyres, where a simple car does not require these special sets of tyres. If you put high-performance tyres on simple cars, then this will be disastrous. Hence, it is imperative to consult a tyre specialist to know which tyres are suitable for your car. Tyres Walsall are less prone to tyre damage. So, try them out.

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