Probate Leads For Starting a Real Estate Business

Most of the new real estate investors try to find out ways to grow their business, but many of them are unable to find motivated sellers. If you are new to this real estate industry then probate leads can be your one of the good lead generating sources for you. These are the clients who inherit properties and want to sell their property as quickly as possible. Often these property owners live outside of the state or they are not able to maintain the property that is the reason they want to sell these properties fast.

Why should new investors consider probate leads ?

There are many misconceptions relating to these probate leads. People think that these probate properties can’t be sold easily, but this is not the case. Some think that it would be difficult to get probate leads for the courthouse, others worry how to communicate with the person who has recently lost his or her loved one. But none of these are valid reasons which can hold you back while dealing with the probate leads. Generally, executors find it helpful when they get help from someone to sell their inherited property and you as an investor have to take these opportunities.

There are many ways to acquire leads, but probate leads can be the best source of leads for any investors. There are some simple steps that you can take to start investing in the probate properties.

  • Buy probate leads

If you are new to this industry and don’t know how to acquire probate leads, then you can buy probate leads from trusted resources or websites. Nowadays there are platforms from where you can buy probate leads for your business deals. But you have to make sure that you are buying from a source which has good experience in dealing with probate leads for several years. Experience is the best thing to evaluate anything before buying.

  • Develop a Mailer

You should develop a straightforward and simple mailer for probate clients. But the template varies from person to person, generally try to convey your purpose and you are good to go. If you don’t know who to do this then contact the company which can do this on behalf of you.

  • Send letters

Send letters or postcards to the executors of those probate properties every other month for up to 18 months. Some of these probate properties listed fast and some listed later but you have to send letters as per your schedule. Also, you have to make sure that you are sending those letters to the right person, mainly the owner of the properties.

  • Include your phone number

While sending your letters and postcard make sure you are attaching your contact details as well which are properly visible. Also, be sure that when you get a call back from these probate owners you are available, otherwise, these markets are competitive so another person may get that deal you miss out on these opportunities.

You have to keep working on your leads as it will be worth it in the end. But if you want to be hassle-free and want to automate your probate leads related work then you can work with the companies who can do all the work for you. There are several probates leads providing out there working on behalf of their clients make sure to check them out as well.

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