Sunknowledge a Destination for Seamless Prior Authorization Solution

According to the AMA, an increase of 20% per year in prior authorization requirements is expected. In fact, physicians reported that the prior authorization burden has increased over the past five years putting them under a lot of stress.

A physician on average obtains nearly 30 medical approvals per week. In a recent survey, 23 percent of physicians reported that they and their staff complete more than 40 PA requests per week. While, 80% complained of sometimes, often or always about repeating prior authorization requests for prescriptions as patients have been stabilized on treatment already. In fact, many have questioned the burden and stress they had to encounter during the complex authorization technique.

Sunknowledge an ideal prior authorization solution : 

Saving your time, money and eliminating the administrative burden of the complex prior authorization process, Sunknowledge offers complete prior authorization at only $7 per hour. Reducing the risk of medical records review which has the potential to halt your revenue and slow down cash flow, our experts for more than 15+ years have been delivering authorization services seamlessly to many. Saving you from wasting your money when healthcare costs are continuously rising, we take care of all prior authorization initiation, approval follow up and more.

Working on 100% prior authorization submission on the same day which no other RCM organization can offer, partnering with us further increases the authorization rate by 1.5-2x.

With complete understanding of your authorization requirements, our experts further assures an authorization approval of 97%.  Slashing your operational cost by 80%, we are an RCM destination working on improving your ROI without compromising on quality standards and collections. With the highest productivity metrics, we today have helped many leading names in closing their prior authorization gaps in no time.

So why waste your time and money when you can get your prior authorization done at a cost-effective rate with no cost dedicated resources from Sunknowledge. We are here to help you save your money, resources and time so you can focus on patient care.

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