The Perfect Solution to Your Power Mobility Devices Billing Problem

As every day, more than 10,000 peoples are turning 65; it is estimated that by the year 2026 power mobility devices market will be exceeding over USD 271 billion; according to a recent survey.

Making life easy, power mobility device for most people help them live a smoother day to day activities. Maximizing the function for the mobility challenged person and decreasing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, power mobility devices allow people to have a comfortable and stable position. Mobility challenged patients take the help of the power mobility device to ensure lesser physical effort.

With all the above reasons as well as technological advancement and effective reimbursement, the demand of the power mobility market will continue to rise.

However, even with such huge demand, power mobility devices face two significant problems as surveyed by Centers for Medicaid Services; in a study of Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT).

  • Insufficient document – a major part of billing errors are faced due to insufficient documentation, which could be the missing piece of information or payer details, etc. This not only leads to rejection or denial but also longer claims reimbursement process too.
  • Medical necessity error – in the survey, a small proportion of power mobility billing meets medical necessity errors. This occurs when the medical reviewers get adequate documentation from the medical records to decide if the services billed were not medically necessary based upon Medicare coverage policies.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: the one-stop solution for all your power mobility devices billing services:

However, with Sunknowledge Services Inc as your operational partner, you no need to worry anymore. Working for both payers and providers for more than fifteen years, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is the one-stop destination for the power mobility devices billing services and also for other specialties too.

Providing unparalleled operational transparency, Sunknowledge Services experts not only take care of the above problems like the insufficient document but also deliver all the heavy lifting work so that our clients experience cash flow in the long run.

Ensuring 80% operational cost reduction in power mobility devices billing services, we also have additional benefits like:

  • Reduced AR backlogs
  • The highest first-pass collection rate
  • 99.9% accuracy rate in all your billing and coding process
  • Code review and quality assurance
  • Improve the quality of care
  • Robust reporting according to clients requirement daily, weekly and can be even done monthly
  • No binding contract
  • Highest productivity metric at the lowest service charge
  • 100 satisfied clients with excellent industries references
  • $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission

Improve in documentation

  • Reduce in turnaround times
  • Enjoy more reliable data reporting
  • Communication with Physician’s office for additional medical documentation and clarification
  • Continuous follow-up

So if you are looking for seamless operation and effective revenue generation for your power mobility devices’ billing services, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the perfect solution to your problem.