Possible advantages of high resolution inkjet printer

What are high resolution inkjet printers?

High resolution inkjet printers have become the new dependency in the new age for better development process and measure. Other than providing extraordinary pictures animations, High resolution inkjet printer also help with customized letter inscription. In the early days the non-paper products were usually written with the help of printing press and technology. However, with the development both the need and application have considerably changed to a certain limit.

In most of the corporate sectors the dependency on these high-resolution inkjet printers have increased with time. The reason for this is the affordability and the low maintenance of the product. If you also have a company which deals with printing options, it is high time you should switch to a high-resolution inkjet printer.

Know about the types

It is important to know about the various types of high-resolution inkjet printers, before you go buying a printer. This way you will be aware of both the advances and the disadvantages of the printers. The main advances of the printer include the fact that these are essential substrates which help to create definite images on both metal and plastic surfaces.

Drop on demand (DOD):

Among the entire development of high-resolution inkjet printers, these are essentially one of the highest in value and demand. These are further categorized into the following principles and types.

Piezoelectric DOD

In this type the method of printing tends to get contracted by the help of electricity and then it is energized. When the electricity is applied a droplet of the ink is often ejected onto the basic print media for better adoption and benefit. These high-resolution inkjet printers are mostly used in high end industrial printing companies than the small ones.

Thermal DOD

Unlike the former one, in these types of high-resolution inkjet printers the ink droplets are injected through the help of a solvent based ink process. A certain amount of heat is created in this process which initially causes a sense of heating resistor form. Mostly the ink uses dyes or certain types of pigments to work as a colorant form for the companies.

Continuous inkjet (CIJ):

If you trace down the founding dates for high resolution inkjet printers, you will come across these printers. These are commercially used for both coding and marketing processes for basic advances and mechanisms. A certain type of ink-based jet nozzle is used for better assistance and form value process and mechanism.

Why are high resolution inkjet printer’s superior?

There are several advantages and disadvantages related to high resolution inkjet printers. You should definitely know the process and the advantages of it before investing a high amount of value on this process. Get a know-how on the effective consumer-oriented color printers.

  • If compare the sound process of high resolution inkjet printer, you will understand that these printers are quiet less sound consumed than that of the matrix or daisy wheel printer
  • There are possibly no requirements for the sudden warm up time requirement in high resolution inkjet printers. Whereas in other printers a certain period of time is required just for basic dye sublimation and thermal wax process.
  • Detail based necessities are far more precise and effective in high resolution inkjet printers than the normal ones. It has the basic ability to print finer and detailed resolution based on the ink requirement and measurement. In addition to these a photographic quality widely available in printing process
  • Extremely high speed makes a high-resolution inkjet printer as one of the first choices for many printers. The wide formats also make it a point to be one of the basic advances of all time and process. There are several 3D printing technologies that adequately use this process for better development and measure. Try to understand your requirement for the better process and the application of these printers on a daily basis.

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