Popular Wedding Photography Trends of 2019

Wedding is one of the most precious events in everyone’s life. It’s the beginning of a totally new journey. And just like any other new beginning, people celebrate this one too with full enthusiasm. To memorize and capture each moment of this remarkable celebration, cameras cover the footage of every nook and corner of the wedding venues.

A wedding ceremony is not complete without photography in such an era when every moment of life is photographed and put up on social media. Wedding couples are trying more and more new poses and methods to make their wedding photo album unique. The successful methods are transforming into photography trends which every upcoming wedding couple wishes to follow.

With the advent of 2019, many new wedding photography trends are taking the place of old ones. So, if you are going to tie the sacred knot in 2019, you should know about these super cool photography trends! After all, you can’t look “out-dated” in your wedding snaps.


Breaking the Conventions:

The days are gone when wedding ceremonies followed the age-old practices and same rules. Couples of modern generation believe in a more cool and comfortable wedding where they can enjoy in their own way. Snaps of bride and groom getting ready in separate rooms, walking down the aisle from different directions and standing in a conventional manner would be missing this year.

Yes, because marriages are taking place in a new way these days. Couples are getting ready together, dancing together in their own way, having fun with friends and family without thinking about the typical poses. Weddings venues are also changing into open spaces, offbeat mountains, and riversides. It means the wedding photographs are going to be more realistic and natural in 2019.


Documentary Wedding Photography:

Documentary or reportage wedding photography is focused on capturing more random shots. The shots which contain various combinations of family members making emotional poses are out-dated in 2019. Photographers are keen to capture the natural shots in which people are just having fun without worrying about the lenses.

So, random shots of bride and groom looking at each other, laughing or just taking a short nap in between the exhilarating festivities are replacing the artificial poses this year. You can find many wedding photographers in Delhi that shoot such documentaries.


Second Shooters


The trend of second shooters is also increasing with every passing year. Second shooters are the artists that capture the unique moments which otherwise go unnoticed in a wedding ceremony. Apart from normal traditions, wedding vows, etc., there are many small things happening here and there on the wedding venue that form special memories.

These moments such as preparations before starting of event, parties of bride and groom getting ready, kids playing and singing in their own zone, etc. are captured by second shooters. These unusual moments are more special when we see them later. So, second shooters are going to be part of most of the weddings in 2019.


Snaps with Playful Props:

To add the pomp and life into the wedding photographs, couples are taking help of playful weddings props. With increasing features like the boomerang, superzooms, etc. on your smartphones, these props are creating the much-needed effect.

Confetti, sparklers, party poppers and smoke bombs are adding new fun in every photograph and also increase the confidence of camera shy couples. Along with it, stick-based cut-outs and batches have become an important element of wedding photographs.


Selfie Shots:

With the advancement of technological resources, selfies are emerging as the most vital part of photography. On opening your social media profile, you will find more selfies than normal shots. Presently, this trend is also making its way into wedding photography.

Social media lovers are making special arrangements like selfie booths at wedding venues. These booths have picturesque backdrops where not only guests but, also the bride and groom enjoy special selfie sessions.


Drone Photography:

As drones are making their place in the world, people are becoming more familiar with their uses. Drones are widely used for taking overhead photos and making aerial videos nowadays. These drones have provided a new angle of capturing wedding photos. Anyone can take overhead shots of bride and groom as well as full wedding venue décor with the help of these drones.

In the present scenario, drone photography is a popular method of weddings as well as pre-wedding photo-shoots. You should try this especially if the aerial views of your wedding venue are worth capturing. Many wedding photographers in Delhi and other places provide this service.

Proposal Shots:

How he said those three magical words to you and what was your reaction? Yes, the moment when your prince charming proposed you for marriage is a very precious memory. Considering this, many grooms-to-be are hiring photographers to capture that epic moment and the instant reaction of their lady love while proposing.

People who couldn’t capture it at the time of proposal are recreating the entire scene on their wedding day to get it captured. So, going down on one knee and pouring their heart out in front of guests and filming it is becoming a craze of 2019.


Dramatic Landscapes:

Earlier, photos were taken by focusing only on the main subjects, and the rest of the elements were alienated or blurred later. People are regarding this photography practice as unreal in today’s time. This type of snaps leaves lots of empty white space. Additionally, it couldn’t show a relation between captured people and the entire surroundings.

So, these are being replaced by dramatic landscapes where the photographers utilize the whole frame to show the essence of the moment. This gives a new life to every shot as each background element somehow adds value to the photograph.

So, shoot your entire wedding in a modern way by embracing these new trends. But, don’t merely run behind trends to look updated. Try only those trends that touched your heart as this day comes once in your lifetime!