Most Popular and Modern Interior Design Styles

Modern Interior design style is arguably the most innovative niche in the property market. For the last century, interior design — as a market — has given the property market a different direction in terms of innovations. Designers use different styles to give different properties a sense of personalization. In some cases, however, interior designs bring back some ancient cultures back to reality.

The following are some of the most popular styles in 2019. 


Minimalist Style 

In the last five years, the term ‘minimalism’ has been used to signify different things and lifestyles. In the world of modern interior design style, however, minimalism means an interior design style and more importantly, one of the most famous styles in this ecosystem. What is a minimalist style? 

As the name suggests, a minimalist style is an interior design style that is simple and unique. The style borrows the minimalist approach to life, where the homeowner only buys the important things. ‘If it is important, keep it, if it is not important, get rid of it’ is the principle behind this style. Why is minimalist style so popular especially in first world countries? 

Unlike centuries ago where people viewed beauty as having a lot, people only buy important items. Instead of buying two sofas, most homeowners are more willing to put the money for two sofas in one beautiful and unique sofa. Therefore, the minimalist style is not as cheap as most people think. 

Is minimalist ideal for you? If you value functionality and clean spaces, then, minimalist style is ideal for you.


Modern Style

The term modern style is synonymous with three things — steel, glass, and metal. Modern style, therefore, consists of three materials in creative and decorating spaces. The modern style, however, has undergone changes over the years. For example, the definition of modern style in the 1940s is not the same as today. However, the materials used are still the same.

Why is modern style so popular in 2019?

The style is popular because of these reasons. First, modern styles are clean and it is possible to maintain crispy lines in a property. Surprisingly, it is an only modern style where crispy lines are part of the property description. Second, the usage of colors in modern styles is unmatched. Color usage in interior design is vital and this type of style gives the homeowner experiment with color while still keeping it simple and clean.

The modern style is ideal for young and small families. 


Scandinavian design

A simple search of ‘interior design’ on popular social media platforms such as Instagram gives thousands of Scandinavian results. Designers have termed Scandinavian designs as clean and bright and therefore appealing to modern families and homeowners. The origin of this design is Nordic countries, where simplicity and art existed together.


Why is Scandinavian style popular in 2019?

First, it is one of the styles that give the homeowner a chance to incorporate art in living space without killing the ‘magical aspects’ of the style. Second, the style is versatile and as a homeowner, incorporating other styles is possible. Thirdly, the reason is that Scandinavian is clean and attractive to modern families.


Why should you invest in a Scandinavian style?  

The style is cheaper to maintain compared to other styles. The use of natural lighting, for example, makes the style one of the best styles for budget-conscious families. For pops, the style accommodates all types of pops such as natural fibers, fur, and simple furniture. 


In conclusion, The three styles are easily customizable, thanks to creativity in interior design. For purists, designing any of the three styles is simple when you have the right interior designer. Accessories are also now accessible and readily available compared to ten years ago.