Planning to buy a private number plate from a private dealer? A guide to do it properly

Many times, authentic and licensed private number plate dealers are the ideal medium to get the desired number plate that can’t be get easily. Added, private dealers guide the customers to make the tricky process of buying private number plates simple and mess-free.

You have to check the age of the vehicle:

Most of the registration number plates boast an age identifier. A date identifier is the particular date when the specific mark was released. It is essential to check the vehicle’s age as the DVLA doesn’t give permission to the newer registration marks supposed to transfer to older motor vehicles. You are not allowed to make your car appear new.

Check the price:

The authentic dealers will present the price of registration number plates following the search results. You can see the price maintaining the industry standard. Majority of the private number plate sites let you see the price that include VAT as well as government transfer fee. It will help you during the placing of order.

Select from the options:

You have the freedom to order new private number plate from the drop down options containing various shapes and sizes suitable for your personal vehicle. Also, you can add a decorative flag.

Use smart search option:

By using the smart search option, you can find the most unique personalized number plate for your car. You have to type name, initials, special number sequence, keyword, or any other thing. The dealer will generate your custom-made number plate provided everything is legal. Added, you can use advanced options for filtering your search by budget, style of number plate, status, etc.

Choose your transfer preference:

You can do the transfer of your registration number plate by yourself. Again, you can ask the experts to do it for you.

Use secure payment option:

After you find your desired private number plate, you can use the easy and secure checkout process for purchasing that plate online. Again, you can call the respective authority over the telephone and buy the number plate. Payment can be done through debit or credit card. Moreover, bank transfer is also available. Financial ideas are suggested for getting unique number plates which are extremely costly.

Check the extra options:

Personalized number plates make exceptional gifts. In case, you have planned to buy a number plate for someone, the authentic dealers can help you add extra touches and make the gift super special.

Know the law related to private number plates:

It is important for you to know the law attached to the display and supply of private number plates. These plates are extremely valuable and you must protect them at any cost. Earlier, it was possible to purchase private number plates for number plate dealer without the proof of your entitlement to the registration numbers of your car. But, the rules have changed these days. Now, you have to give V948 authorization certificate issued by the DVLA to the number plate makers.

Be aware as number plates can be cloned and used for wrong activities that can involve you in criminal list without your knowledge. It is a crucial identifying feature of your car. There are many incidents where innocent number plate owners have been charged by police as their names have been identified as wrongdoers without their knowledge. Again, many people faced fine for over speeding in areas where they have never visited. All happened due to duplicate number plates.

The present law is very strict. You can’t use any fancy or decorative font on your number plate. Always use alphabets and numbers of the right size with proper spacing and style. Stick to the British standard with respect to the make and materials. If you break the law, you can lose your private number plate forever. Again, you will have to pay a fine of up to £1000. Hence, it is better to avoid the mess and abide by the law. Cherish your private number plate and ask your dealer to guide you on every query arising in your mind. You can go through the website of the DVLA to know the rules and regulations and contact customer care and take help.

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