What Optimizes your Physician Prior Authorization Process?

CMS has already finalized in a new rule which will be allowing certain providers, payers as well as patients to have electronic access for the pending and active decision on prior authorization. The rule aims to streamline the entire activity of getting quick approval which will allow providers to focus more on rendering better quality patient care by devoting more time to it.

For many, it is coming as a blessing which will be freeing the providers from the burden of looking for patient health histories which usually used to be based on incomplete snippets of information that has been supplied by patients with little or no knowledge of adjudication priorities.

Payers require PA’s for better oversight and control over the prescribing patterns of the patients. Better exchange of relevant information between providers, patients, and the payers, API’s will be supporting a better experience of healthcare for the patients.

Hence, it is pertinent to have a viable process for meeting needs in physician prior authorization that reduces costs in operations and induces a better collection effort at the back end. All you need is dedicated resources who will assist in the process of improving your practice management efforts in the long run.

The Sunknowledge assurance

Over the last decade, our ability to deliver actionable support as a complete RCM destination is second to none. We are currently working with more than 100 clients and that ranges from leading specialties like primary care, leading physicians, dermatology and radiology practices, DMEPOS suppliers, and many more. At just $7 per hour, our niche presence, quality to deliver comprehensive support makes us a champion operational partner, and that too with excellent references.

One of the unique advantages that we offer is the ability to get your physician prior authorization approved on time by initiating the auth request on time, validating the same, contacting the payers for auth update, or if they need more information, contacting the physician office for important documents and updating the outcome of the physician prior authorization in the practice management system of the client. Hire us if you are looking for a competitive edge with us working as your ultimate partner.

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