Photographing Flowers in China: Unleash Your Creativity with These Advanced Tips

Are you planning to visit China in the coming holiday? Then, you are going to experience something amazing. Better known as a land of endemic flowers and birds, China helps you to witness the serenity of nature. However, witnessing those beautiful flowers in your eyes for a few minutes can hardly satiate your mind. Do you want to see the abundance nature along with the sea of color even years after? Do you want your family or friends to get the opportunity to see the beautiful meadows along with the flowers? Then, go for a flower watching trip in Sichuan and capture the magnificence of the flowers in your lens.

Do you want to master the skill of photography before starting your wildflower photography tour? Follow these tips to capture flowers in the most creative way possible.

  1. Consider the background

Not minding the background is one of the common mistakes that most photographers made while capturing photos it in their lens. Only a nice flower is not enough, when it will not be complemented with the background, even the most beautiful flower will look unimpressive. You always need to make sure that the background is in harmony with the subject, however, without taking over the photo. The same flower from the same position but in a slight variation of angle can make a huge difference. Before capturing, check from a different angle, and then finalize which one can make the difference.

  1. Leverage flatness

Flatness is the next important thing that you need to consider. If you want to capture a flower from the top angle, make sure that the area that is in front of your camera should be flat and thin. So, try to find out flat parts of the flower or flat flower and align your lens so that you can encompass the flat flower with your flat focus plane. That way, the flower will look sharp and beautiful while the background will be out of focus.

  1. Separate photo from the background

The key to distinguishing your flower photo others is to keep the background distant. The easiest thing that you can do is to keep the background blurry and out of focus. And the easiest thing that you can do is to get an angle of the flower, where the background is as far as possible. Hold your camera close to the ground, and look for flowers, which stand on their own without too much background near.

  1. Jumble the colors   

If you want to experiment a little with your flower photos but without making it look artificial, then messing around the colors a bit will be the ideal option for you. Use the color sliders to change the hue a bit of each color in the photo and see the magic. When done perfectly, it will look more interesting. However, as it is a delicate task, even a slight mistake can ruin the look, and make it too artificial. Play with the colors in such a way that the photo will seem interesting, but not unbelievable.

  1. Use the shade

Direct sunlight is better for photographing than shade – it is a wrong belief. And it is the mistake that most people made while capturing flowers. Direct sunlight will cause harsh shadows that will ultimately affect the beauty of your photo. On the other hand, in the shade, the light will be softer and you will not get washed out colors, as well as overexposed areas in your photo. If the flower that you want to photograph isn’t in shade, then block the sun with your body while capturing. Undoubtedly, it will look beautiful.

  1. Consider contrast

Contrast can make a good difference in a photo. You want to flower to pop out of the background. The best thing that you can do for this is to use color contrast. While photographing, pick a flower, whose color is in contrast with the background. It will look more beautiful than a flower that is in a similar hue as the background.

Keep these tips in mind while capturing different types of flowers during your wildflower holidays.

Author bio: Frederick Cox, a regular travel blogger on wildflower photography, here writes on the advanced tips that you can follow to capture photos in a more impressive way during your wildflower holidays.