Personalized Number Plates: In-vogue

US number plates have a variety to look at as you have the liberty to decide what your license number plate may look like. In America, it is a common practice to have personalized number plates on your cars. These number plates are popularly called “vanity plates”. Well, if you are interested to have one in your car then the first thing you need to do is to select a name that you prefer to as number plate.

However, it is also possible to transfer the registration of these vanity plates with some restrictions. So, if you are buying a car having a vanity plate and you like the name then it can be transferred too.

Usually, people in the US and Britain take their pet-names or nick-names while some prefer to borrow short and crispy lines from popular sayings or catch lines. These personal number plates are available on paying a special price. Presently, in New York the rate is $60, each year it will increase by $31.25 towards the renewal of the number.

Personalized names on aptitude and passion largely:

By opting for the personalized number plates you show others what you like, follow and even you aspire. Someone with a deep interest in music will choose a name that will showcase his or her passion for music. The difference is in preferences.

To understand this let’s take an example. Suppose you are fond of Western Music and are a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson then in all probability you will opt for a name that depicts him or his works. On the other hand, your friend who is a drummer and an acid-rock buff will take a name that tells about his passion. Similarly, others with their interests and aptitudes will go for such a plate name that represents them.

Virginia has 16% vanity plates:

A survey conducted by the American Association of Motor in 2007, found 9.7 million personalized number plates on American streets. The state of Virginia tops the chart with 16% of vehicles having personalized number plates. It requires only $10 to get one. However, the survey conducted in Texas found only 0.5% of vanity plates owing to the increase in rates. Recently, Texas had hired a private company to raise $25 million by auctioning vanity plates in the next five years. New Hampshire is second after Virginia followed by Illinois. The trend is fast catching up in other parts of the world also. Even countries like Abu Dhabi, are offering personalized number plates through auction.

Unlike the United Kingdom where the registration of personalized number plates follows the conventional sort of alphanumeric format, in America, the number of plates is more creative and innovative. In the UK the numbers are issued by the Driver and Licensing Agency (DVLA) and have a strict policy not to accept personalized vanity plates if they are slag or offensive. These vanity plates originally started by private dealers who found the selling of numbers as a profitable business.

Specific words banned in respective states:

In America, your personalized number plate carries up to seven characters depending on the name of the state you are residing, with space permitted. You can also put the entire word and short phrases in your vanity plate to give the exclusive look and feel. However, certain words are banned in respective states of America which you cannot use in the vanity plate. In New York, the words – “Police and “God” have been banned while in Florida you cannot use the word “Pimpala”. In general, you are not allowed to use words that have any reference to alcohol, drinking, and driving, boasting, communal reference, race or religion.

Young people prefer scary name:

In a recent survey, when a group of bikers with personalized number plates were interviewed, it was found that in today’s modern era when the world is going gaga over tech and Sci-Fi, these youngsters to keep their cars and bikes exclusive prefers to have ‘scary’ names as personalized number plates.

If you are passionate about anything that you want to tell others then get your car or bike a personalized number plate. You can become the talk of the town if you take an impressive name that attracts when you zoom out on the roads.