Parts to Change in a Car for a Better Look

If you have a car, you would know that there are multiple parts of a car. The car would need changes in different parts for a better look and feel. The internal and external looks of the car should be changed if you want a luxurious feel for the car. While internal changes provide a better feel, external changes allow the car to look different according to your needs.

The external changes include changes in the external parts of the car. Adding personalised number plates can improve the look and importance of the car. Personalised number plates are an investment in the value of the car because it is bought as a rare item. The changes and modifications bring out the way you want to see the car.

Apart from the front of the car with personalised number plates, you can change the different parts of the car. The different parts of the car that you need to change are as follows-

Car Parts


The windows of a car are an important part of the car. The windows are very simple, but they can also be modified for the car owner. Instead of a plain window, get a tinted window with some tint selections. There are many laws and clauses that stop you from taking darker shades of window colours.

As long as you do not go against the tint laws and maintain some kind of transparency, you can choose the tint you want. The tints can make a huge difference in how the look of the window changes, and they can complement the car body.


Spoilers are added to the rear of the vehicle both as a protection and as a look enhancer. On the other hand, spoilers can also, sometimes spoil the look of the car. There are many cars that will look better without a spoiler. However, if you do get a good wing for the back of your car, get it fixed and see how it enhances the look of the car. A good spoiler will always improve the way your car looks.

Body kit

The body kit of the car, with all its external additions and modifications, is very important. If you wish to enhance the look of the car, you should modify the body kit. The add-ons of the body kit could enhance the aesthetic value of the car. Once the aesthetic value of the car is improved, it has to match the engine capacity.

Therefore, if you are going for a complete overhaul of the car’s exterior and interior, you should go for changes to the body kit. There are many types of body kit materials added to the body. The body kit could be made from fibreglass, it could be from polyurethane, or it could be from carbon fibre.


There are also parts of the car that have splitters. Splitters are not so expensive, and they do not need much investment. You can easily buy splitters and add them to the car body. The splitters give an appearance to the car of being lower to the ground like luxury cars, without any change to the suspension of the car.

If you are making small modifications to the car body, you can start with the addition of splitters. On the other hand, you can also go for the addition of personalised number plates or plate enhancements to the car for a complete look at the lower body.


The lighting of the car is an important aspect that people often do not pay attention to. The right kind of additions and changes in lighting can change the external and internal look of the car. There are many ways in which the lights are customised. Apart from the internal lighting system and mood lighting that you have, you can also change the halos and demon eyes of the car for a more enhanced look of the car. For a more intense look, car owners can even add a smoking effect or coloured films to the outer part of the lights.


Apart from the number plate, changes in the exhaust of the car also increase attention to the rear end of the vehicle. The rear end of the vehicle can have the addition of large exhausts with shiny tips. Well-maintained and shiny exhaust tips can improve the look of the car.

Depending on the needs you have from the look of the car, you can make modifications and changes in the interior and exterior of the car.

The car can be modified with the most advanced and useful add-ons. The car is your asset; you would need to maintain it properly. Even with the modifications, the car needs proper maintenance and cleaning. Whether it is a number plate or the paint of the car, everything needs to be cleaned and polished properly.