Panthaniwas Brings You Exotic Homes Amidst Nature’s Bounty

Do you feel confined amidst urban cacophony? Does the relentless noise engulf your peace of mind? Then why don’t you find a peaceful recluse tucked in the nature’s lap? “Living close to nature” is no more a myth; rather it’s a reality today.  And, with plush apartments like Panthaniwas, you can now have a home of your dream that you will cherish forever.

Get Mesmerised With Enchanting Views from Your Home

A residence tucked a little beyond chaos and clamour of the city is sure to give you the peaceful recluse to unwind. Simply let go off your worries and slip into the unrestrained bliss provided by the breathtaking views and plush comforts at your very own residence.  It’s more than just your second home.  Rather, it’s more of an exotic retreat that you would cherish forever.

Just imagine, how amazing would it be to set out for an occasional break, whenever your weary soul seeks to slip in blissful tranquillity. Far from the noise and dins, you can take your morning walks through misty woods and can have elephants as your unexpected guests in your front yard.  Or simply having a sip of tea inside the verdant tea gardens?  Isn’t it something you would love to indulge when your frenzied urban existence takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul?

From your luxury vacation home near Murti river,  you can plan your weekend getaway to Mônpong, a scenic hamlet close by, Chapramari forest, Samsing, Sultanekhola, Gorumara Forest, Rocky Island, and nearby places.

Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate in Your Very Own Home

Panthaniwas brings you a living space that opens doors to a life where greens create the customary notion of luxury. The idyllic abode surrounded by the greens where birds and butterflies invade your private space can become your weekend getaway when the hectic pace engulfs your soul.  Entwined with the serene collection of wind, water, birds, and animals, your living space at Panthaniwas lets you shun doors to frenzied city life and curl up into the verdant serenity and that too in your own living space.

Panthaniwas Redefines the Concept of Luxury Living

“Panthaniwas is not just a vacation home;   it’s more of an exotic retreat in your very own space”, believes the new residents.  Apart from the breathtaking views of the mountains crowned in fog, your apartments at Panthaniwas gift you a multitude of lifestyle amenities that pronounce lavishness in every bit.   From landscaped gardens and the senior citizen’s corner to pool bar and jogging track, Panthaniwas homes bring you everything that your urban life could ever desire.

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