Our Small Twist Would be a Big Gift for You

Not all small things are to be taken lightly; our small twist is one such wonder that can beat many large ones. If you are a big fan of pens, Small Twist is a must-try for you.

This unique creation is not only an ideal pen to keep but also to present as a gift to others. Let’s discover some exclusive traits of our twist pen.

What are you looking for in an ideal pen?

Well, if you ask me what a good pen should look like, I’d say:

  1. Beautiful: An artist wants to see beauty in everything belonging to this world, and a pen is no different. Whether you want to write with it or just keep it for looks, it must be elegant-looking. The belongings of a person are telltale of their personality, and so is their pen. A beautifully crafted pen introduces a writer or artist by reflecting their great taste.
  2. Fluent: This is why pens have been crafted: to write smoothly, like raindrops slipping down a raincoat, without interruption or ink spillage.
  3. Well-balanced: If you like a pen that writes smoothly but your hand starts aching after holding it for a few minutes in your hand, it’s of no use to you. An ideal pen should be well balanced, sitting comfortably in your hand, with equal weight at both ends.
  4. Refill option: Ink pens used to stay with us for a lifetime, as we used to refill them again and again with different inks. At present, we can simply use prefilled ink cartridges to keep our favorite pens with us for an extended period of time. The benefit of our Small Twist is that it can be used with a variety of metal gel refills, allowing us to try one if another one is unavailable. This makes life quite easy.
  5. Carries weight: Contrary to its small size, the Mini Twist carries good weight and has a heavy-duty clip that further adds weight to it. This keeps Small Twist well in place.

If you are fond of writing in this computer age, you must be a pen lover. Only a writer knows the value of a good pen and the pleasure of keeping a high-quality pen. Also, you don’t want to lose your pens every now and then; a weighted pen makes room for itself and assures you of its presence. Our Grafton Mini Twist has everything you look for in an ideal pen.

Some salient features of the small twist are:

  • 100% anodized 6061-T6 aluminum pen body that gives an exquisite shine to the small twist
  • It has a heavy-duty clip that can cling well to paper or your pocket
  • Deeply grooved to give your hand a good grip
  • Due to its slightly heavier weight, its small but well balanced
  • Comes with a black .7mm new metal gel refill to be used over and over again
  • Always ready to use other refills (.38mm, .5mm, .7mm, or 1.0mm), Fisher Space Pen medium, fine or bold refills, or Rite in the Rain or gel refills of various types
  • Of all our Graftons, only the Pilot G2 won’t get along with the Mini Twist, hence its refills don’t fit in it.

If you have a good taste for pens or keep a collection of quality pens, Small Twist is our recommendation to you. You will appreciate the ergonomics of the Mini Twist, which has nothing mini about it except its name.